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Ka`u New Briefs Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017

Most Fish Caught in three age groups went to Rylan Egusa, Hanalei Baji and Dana Jo Akana at today's Ninth
Annual Keiki Fishing Tournament sponsored by O Ka`u Kakou at Punalu`u Beach. See story below.
Photo by Lee McIntosh
SEN. MAZIE HIRONO CARRIED THE "ALOHA FOR ALL" WOMEN'S MARCH SIGN to the streets of Washington, D.C. today. The march in Washington, including an event on the Mall, drew a much larger crowd than yesterday's Inauguration of Donald Trump, now President. Hirono tweeted, "Aloha trumps hate and we will not back down." The Washington march was mirrored by many protests across the country from New York City to Hilo, with millions of men and women participating to protect civil rights and other progress in the U.S. government. Marches in cities outside the U.S. also drew huge crowds. In Washington, Hirono talked to participants about learning from the mistake of interning Japanese-American families during World War II.
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Sen. Mazie Hirono. herself and immigrant, talks to families of
Japanese Americans who were interned during WWII who oppose
any new registry of immigrants by race or religion.
Photo from Mazie Hirono
A YES VOTE FOR GENERAL JOHN KELLY was cast this week by Sen. Mazie Hirono as he became Secretary of Homeland Security in the administration of Pres. Donald Trump. After voting, Hirono released the following statement:
     "General Kelly has testified before the Senate Armed Services numerous times as the commander of U.S. Southern Command. I believe he will provide candid, reasoned advice to President Trump.
     "While I supported his confirmation as Secretary of Homeland Security, I have serious concerns about whether he would accede to and implement President Trump's problematic immigration policies, such as building a border wall, registering Muslims, and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants – particularly if participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DREAMers, are targeted.
    "During his confirmation hearing, General Kelly said that deporting DREAMers 'might not be the highest priority.' The DACA program gave these young men and women a chance to go to college, get a job, and live legally in the only country they know. Let me be clear. The deportation of DACA participants should not occur under his watch, period. 
     "As a strong advocate of comprehensive immigration reform, I will hold General Kelly and the Trump administration accountable if they choose to target immigrants and immigrant families, and will continue to fight for a more just immigration system that prioritizes family unity."
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CONGRESSWOMAN TULSI GABBARD tweeted on Inauguration Day: "We must not allow the darkness of divisiveness to overcome. Let us work together for the wellbeing of others and our planet."
Largest hinalea in three age groups were caught by Chazhahtee-Ann Cabrera,
Hanalei Keaiaahia and Pablo Roura-Giddings at the Keiki Fishing
Tournament at Punalu`u. Photo by Lee McIntosh

THE STATE WATER PROJECTS  PLAN UPDATE drew only one testifier this week at the hearing in Hilo. Sierra Club's Corey Harden said, "I'm glad the commission is planning to protect the water rights of the Department of Hawaiian Homelands and its beneficiaries and the plan will help the state meet the legal obligations to Hawaiian Home Lands." 
     Water for a Hawaiian Homelands in the  South Point area has been a request of beneficiaries for many decades. 
     Harden suggested the plan be updated more often than every 25 years and that she hopes project funding would be for more than supporting Hawaiian Homelands.
      The plan shows possible taro growing areas on this island. "I really think that is goof for food self sufficiency and supporting Native Hawaiian culture. I am glad to see consideration of conservation measures to make water go further," said Harden.
     The need for more water for firefighting, in addition for agriculture and drinking water, should also be emphasized, she said.
    For those with water from catchment systems, she recommended more government support to keep the water as safe and reliable as county water, particularly for older persons. She said the plan could address more on stream diversion and also the use of water by private water companies. "If you want water for an area, it's kinda like first come first served, and especially the people who make the most noise maybe get served first and they can start pumping water out of an aquifer, and there's no consideration about how much water you can take out until there's a crisis from the water levels getting low or the saltwater intrusion starts to get bad." See Harden's testimony at www.bigislandvideonews.com.
      The state Commission on Water Resource Management is reviewing the plan and accepting public input. The plan is managed by the state Department of Land & Natural Resources.
      More on the plan is available at http://dlnr.hawaii.gov/cwrm/planning/hiwaterplan/swpp/
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Largest Hinalea the three age groups were caught by Aial Gacayan, Desirae Barrios and
Tysen Navorat the Keiki Fishing Tournament at Punalu`u. Photo by Lee McIntosh
EXTRA CARE FOR KA`U COFFEE TREES at the end of the season is advised by the University of Hawai`i College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources. Andrea Kawabata, Associate Extension Agent, writes that the rain has been "a nice relief  from the dry weather we've been having. If you are still harvesting or have young green berries from (around) the early December flowering, please be aware that the rain may have encouraged coffee berry borers to leave cherry and raisins and infest berries nearby. 
     "Monitor and sample your coffee to determine if CBB are active in your farm, and are in the A/B position, and vulnerable to spraying. If your sampling indicates that you should be spraying, spray immediately.
     "If you haven't already done so, make sure to document the date of your first flowering as well as your main flowering. Also, if you have finished harvesting, please strip pick your trees prior to pruning. Contain and kill the CBB in these berries and raisins," she recommends.
     The U.H. Extension Service has been working with Ka`u Coffee farmers since the CBB pest was first found in Kona Coffee and spread to this region. While CBB is found here, farmers were able to harvest a good crop this season.
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Largest Po`opa`a winners at the Keiki Fishing Tournament today at Punalu`u were
 caught by Kai Ornelas, Loea Kaup and Makaayla Fukanaga Aiwohi.
Photo by Lee McIntosh
THE NINTH ANNUAL KEIKI FISHING TOURNAMENT was graced with good weather and relatively calm seas compared to the forecast of high waves and rain. Hundreds of children entered and won prizes and a free lunch for all the fishing contestants and their families. The tournament at  Punalu`u Beach is in its ninth year, sponsored by O Ka`u Kakou and led by Guy Entriques and Wayne Kawachi.
    Keiki used barbless hoods and the event was catch and release. It also included a food drive.
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A KA`U HOSPITAL COMMUNITY MEETING will be held by the East Hawai’i Regional Board of Directors of the Hawai’i Health Systems Corp. on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Ka`u Hospital in Pahala. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.
     A statement from the hospital says that "An overview of the operations and financial condition of all facilities as well as a view toward the future will be presented. Ample time will be available for community members to share their perspectives and concerns regarding access to health care services."
     Kurt Corbin, Chair of the East Hawai’i Regional Board of HHSC said, “Personal conversations and dialogue with our community stakeholders are absolutely essential in helping guide the decisions that the Regional Board must make.” 
     For more information, contact Terry Larson, Regional Board Secretary at 932-3103.
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Largets Aholehole in three age groups were caught by Malika Straface,
Wade Baji and Kaleb Cohen. Photo by Lee McIntosh
THE BLUE ZONE PROJECT will likely make a presentation soon to the County Council at the request of Ka`u's council member Maile David. In this coming Tuesday's agenda for the council Committee on Human Services and Social Services, David asks for a presentation by Carol Ignacio of Blue Zone to describe "the progress and purpose of the Blue Zones Project and to provide an update regarding the status of selection and designation of Blue Zones on Hawai`i's Island to improve the overall well-being of Hawai1`i County citizens."
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HOW DO HVO GEOLOGISTS TRACK LAVA FLOWS AND LAVA LAKES? The After Dark in the Park talk is Tuesday, Jan. 24, 7 p.m. at Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium in Hawai`i Volcanoes National park. Free, park entrance fees apply.

CHAMPIONSHIP for the Big Island Interscholastic Federation is scheduled with Ka`u winding up the regular season in third place in Division II. Ka`u travels to play Kohala on Thursday, Thursday, Jan. 26 with game time at 4 p.m. If Ka`u wins, the Trojans play the winner between Kamehameha and Pahoa on Friday, Jan. 27.
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KA`U'S JV TEAM BEAT KOHALA last night in boys basketball. The Trojans racked up 50 points to Kohala's 32. Kyson Toriano and Micah Koi each made 15 points at the new Ka`u gym. Seth McMasters scored 13 Points. The hard fought Varsity game ended with Kohala on tip, scoring 55 to Ka`u's 53. The Trojan's scorers were: Titan Ault with 12, Andre Carvalho with 11, Jansiae Badua with 10, Pete Dacalio with 9, Joven Padrigo with 5 and Masen Dacalio with 2, reports Athletic Director Kale Namohala.

OHIA LEHUA WALK at the Kahuku Unit of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park in Sunday, Jan. 22 at 9:30 a.m. Learn about the vital role of ohi`a lehua in native Hawaiian forests on this one mile, easy hike. npes.gov/havo

HOVE ROAD MAINTENANCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING. Tuesday, Jan. 24, 10 a.m. at St. Jude's Church 929-9910. 

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