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Ka`ū News Briefs Monday, August 20, 2018

Dietrich Varez, a resident Volcano artist since 1968, passed away on Tuesday. Read about his life, art, and influence, below.
Image from Volcano Art Center
HURRICANE LANE DEFIED PREDICTIONS AND RESTRENGTHENED TO A CATEGORY FOUR. Some models predict that it will take a right arch and come close, or dangerously impact the Hawaiian Islands. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki unexpectedly made a right turn and slammed into Kaua`i, leaving $3.1 billion in damage, smashing homes, resorts, and infrastructure.
Five day forecast map for Hurricane Lane at 5 p.m. today.
Map from Central Pacific Hurricane Center
     For Ka`ū, at least high surf is expected from Hurricane Lane, and County of Hawai`i shut down Punalu`u, Whittington, and Miloli`i Beach Parks today until further notice.

     At , a U.S. Air Force Hurricane Hunter plane measured Lane's winds at 130 mph with higher gusts. At , Lane reached 532 miles southeast of South Point, moving at 12 mph to the west. Hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 30 miles. Tropical storm force winds extended outward up to 125 miles.
     Lane is expected to remain a major hurricane through Wednesday, when is expected to take a more northerly direction. It may lose some strength before coming near the islands, the forecast predicts. However, if it remains a Category 4 or 3, and comes ashore, it could have devastating impacts,
Hurricane Iniki's right turn in 1992. Map from Wikipedia   
like those seen from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year, forecasters said at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center this evening.
     CentralPacificHurricaneCenter predicted that, at minimum, Lane 's large "swells will produce large and dangerous surf, as well as strong currents, along some shorelines. Heavy rainfall and possible flooding associated with Lane could affect portions of the state beginning later Wednesday."

     County Civil Defense urges residents to: "Take this time to assure that family and business emergency plans are up to date. Also, make sure you are signed up for our emergency notification system through Blackboard: countyofhawaii.bbcportal.com."
Air Force Reserve pilot walks to the Hurricane Hunter plane to fly into the eye of Hurricane Lane today.
Photo from U.S. Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters. See the video.
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THE LOWER EAST RIFT ZONE ERUPTION MAY BE PAUSED, NOT PAU, says an update from USGS Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory. When an Unmanned Aircraft Systems team assessed conditions at the Fissure 8 cone and upper lava channel on Friday, August 17, the lava pond within the cone had crusted over 
Inside Fissure 8's cone, splatter is causing scientists to think
the eruption is paused, not pau. USGS photo
with no observed incandescence. This morning, USGS scientists flying over Fissure 8 noticed a change in the vent: Gas jets were throwing spatter -- fragments of glassy lava (light gray deposits) -- from small incandescent areas deep within the cone. This activity is an indication, says the update, that the lower East Rift Zone eruption may be paused rather than pau.

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VOLCANO ARTIST DIETRICH VAREZ PASSED AWAY on Tuesday, August 14. He was born March 28, 1939, in Berlin, Germany. He died "at sundown, to a beautiful sunset similar to his original paintings," says a statement on VolcanoArtCenter.com.
Dietrich Varez
Photo from Volcano Art Center
 Volcano Art Center describes his life and close connection to Volcano: "In an era in which the fine arts and crafts have become a big business, Dietrich Varez remained an outstanding exception.
     "Dietrich came to Hawai`i at age 8, when his mother married his stepfather Manuel Varez. After the war-torn Germany he’d known, it was love at first sight, and his romance with Hawai`i grew. Shunning publicity and working in the simplest possible fashion with linoleum blocks, Varez continually shaped his strong personal expression of Hawai`i. By nature a quiet and retiring man, he lived with his wife Linda (a noted painter) in a remote rain forest setting near VolcanoVillage on the BigIsland. Isolated by several miles of bad road, he was able to maintain the tranquility he desired for his work.
Volcano Art Center's
logo, designed by
Varez. Image from
Volcano Art Center
     "The Hawai`iof old -- when spirits inhabited every tree and stone, and gods walked the earth -- was Dietrich's inspiration. His work boldly traces the adventures and passions of a cast of mythical characters he carefully researched in legend. He lovingly and faithfully depicted Hawaiians practicing the arts, skills, and values of old Hawai`i. The Dietrich Varez catalog contains a wealth of knowledge and could be called Old Hawai`i Illustrated."
Mother Marianne, one of hundreds of
pieces of art, prints, clothing, cards,
and more, by Varez, available
through volcanoartcenter.com.
     Varez began his relationship with VolcanoArtCenter -- which lasted 44 years -- when the nonprofit opened. He designed the logo that is used by VAC. From VolcanoArtCenter.com: "For many years, Dietrich worked as a bartender and did his art only in his off-hours. Initially he carved bas-reliefs and gave them away to friends. 'But,' he says, 'that got out of hand, so I carved a woodcut and found I could print lots of copies.' In 1974, when the Volcano Art Center Gallery first put his prints on sale for $2 each and sold seven in the first month, his life as a full-time artist began. The gallery now carries 227 Varez prints and has sold hundreds of thousands of them."
Volcano Rain Forest Runs'
logo, designed by Varez.
Image from Volcano 
Rain Forest Runs
     Varez recently entered into partnerships with other artists to create jewelry and fine chocolates, according to Wikipedia.
     Volcano Rain Forest Runs' logo is a piece of Varez's art: an image of Hawaiian legend Makoa, who was said to run 100 miles for a fish, which would still be wriggling when he returned. Sharon Faff of VRFR announced Dietrich's passing away to the crowd at the runs this past Saturday. From the VRFR Facebook: "We have been honored by his love of Hawai`i and the National Park through his beautiful artwork over many years. His generosity of sharing life through his artwork will live on forever. Rest In Peace. We will miss you," concludes the statement from Volcano Art Center.

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Top finishers of the half marathon received gifts.
David Wild, Billy Barnett, Patrick Stover, Noelani
McMahon, and Amy Young. Photo from
Volcano Rain Forest Runs Facebook

PĀHALA FIREFIGHTER NOELANI MCMAHON WON THE VOLCANO RAIN FOREST RUNS' half marathon for women on Saturday in . The Volcano resident took fourth overall. She followed winner Patrick Stover, of Kailua-Kona, who crossed the finish line in . He was followed by Billy Barnett, of Volcano, who came in at , and David Wild, of Kailua-Kona, at .

     Area runners did well against competitors from as far away as Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, France, New York, Texas, and Alaska.

     In the women's race, McMahon was followed by Lindsey Dymond, of Kailuaon O`ahu, at , and Amy Young, of Kea`au, at .

     Marta Caproni, of Volcano, did well coming in 14th overall and first in the 40-49 year old group of women. Shawn Mishler, of Volcano, came in 20th overall and third in the 50 to 59 year old men's group, followed by Steve Manning, of Kailua-Kona, Adam Bonus, of Kea`au, and Alex Wood, of Volcano.

     Other standouts from Ka`ū and Volcano were Susie Lyle, of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, who came in fifth in her 40-49 age group, and Al Galiza, of Pāhala, who came in fifth in his 20-29 age group.

Runners -- and riders -- of all ages came out for the runs.
Photo from Volcano Rain Forest Runs Facebook
     In the 10K, Ella Johnson, of Volcano, took first in the 19 years and younger female group. Alida Gandy, of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, took second in the 70 and over female group. Marilyn Brown, of Volcano, took second in the 60-69 women's group. Andrea Cristensen, of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, took fourth in the 40-49 women runners.

     In the men's 10k, Kevin Kunz, of Volcano, took third in the 70 plus category. John Broward, of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, took second in the 50-59 category. Adam McGee, of Volcano, took sixth among 30 to 39 year olds, with Wade Heller taking 11th. In the 20-29 year old males, Bruce Simmerman, of Volcano, took fifth.

A color guard at the 2018 Volcano Rain Forest Runs.
Photo from Volcano Rain Forest Runs Facebook
     In the 5K, Kelly McGhee, of Volcano, took fifth overall and first in her women's age group, 30-39. Tobias Johnson, of Volcano, took first in the 9-13 male age group, ninth overall. Parker Smith, of Volcano, took second in the 9-13 male age group. Justin Denny. of Pāhala, also did well in his 14-20 male age group, as did Megan Denny, of Pāhala, in the female 40-49 group. The elder Justin Denny, of Pāhala, took eighth in the 40-49 male group.

Carole Mehau, of Volcano,
took fifth place for 70-79
year-old women in the 5k.
Photo from Volcano 
     John Poetzel, of Ocean View, took third, Bob Peck, of Volcano, took fourth, and Tracy Johnson, of Volcano, took eighth among 50-59 year old men.

     In the women's 5k, area standouts were Kelly McGhee, of Volcano, who won it in 33:17; Koral Smith, of Volcano, in the 9-13 group, took third, with Molly Denny, of Pāhala, taking sixth. In the 20-29 year olds, Volcano residents Jessica Stephens took eighth and Amanda Alvarado tenth. In the 30-39 group, Julia Joeh, of Volcano, took sixth, and Jodie Rosam, of Nā`ālehu took eighth.

     In the 40-49 year olds, Megan Denny, of Pāhala, won her age group. Danielle Makaike, of Volcano, came in tenth, and Tyla Guss, of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park came in 14th. In the 50-59 year old women runners, Shelagh Arruda, of Volcano, placed first in her age group, Lynn Morrison, of Volcano, took sixth, and Nancy Chaney, of Volcano, took 12th. Among 60-69 year old women, Robin Stratton, of Ocean View, took sixth, Christine Woods, of Ocean View, took 11th, Lynn Melena, of Volcano, 19th, and Margo Buck, or Volcano, 26th.

     Among 70-79 women runners, Carole Mehau took fifth and Fia Mattice sixth. Both live in Volcano.
     See all the results at jtltiming.com/running.html

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Volcano's Fire Engine 19
VOLCANO FIRE STATION 19 PERSONNEL, including the Fire Engine and Ambulance, have relocated back to the Volcano District effective Wednesday, August 15. The temporary station is a residence at 19-4213 Haunani Rd., and will remain there, says a release from the Mayor's office,  "pending assurance from the National Park and the U.S. Geological Survey that conditions are safe enough to return back to their regular station within the Park.
     "The Fire Department would like to thank the community for their understanding and patience throughout this event. If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Chief Lance Uchida at 932–2900."

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Invasive little fire ants.
Photo from LFA Hui Facebook
LITTLE FIRE ANT HUI is a citizen group advocating for increased public awareness and control of the little fire ant (LFA). LFA Hui was established in November 2016 to address the exploding LFA crisis in Hawai`i.
     LFA HUI organization coordinates the coalition of government, public and private agencies, and the community to create policies, programs, and events for public awareness, education, surveying, mapping, improved control and eradication. Those interested in quarterly meetings as well as participation by conference call can contact Carolyn Dillion, carolyndillion4@gmail.com.

Print edition of The Ka`ū Calendar is free to 5,500 mailboxes 
throughout Ka`ū, from Miloli`i through Volcano, and free on 
stands throughout the district. Read online at kaucalendar.com
   Sat, Aug 25, 10am, Scrimmage @ Waiakea
   Thu, Sept 6, 6pm, @ Pāhoa
   Sat, Sept 15, 1pm, @ Kohala
   Sat, Sept 22, 3:30pm, host Lanai @ Kea`au
   Sat, Sept 29, 11am, host Pāhoa
Girls Volleyball:
   Fri, Aug 24, 6pm, @ Mauna Lani
   Wed, Aug 29, 6pm, @ Hilo
   Fri, Aug 31, Kamehameha Tourney
   Sat, Sept 1, Kamehameha Tourney
   Wed, Sept 5, 6pm, host Pāhoa
   Wed, Sept 12, 6pm, @ Christian Liberty
   Fri, Sept 14, @ Kamehameha
   Mon, Sept 17, 6pm, host Lapahoehoe
   Wed, Sept 19, 6pm, host Kohala
   Thu, Sept 20, 6pm, @ Honoka`a
   Tue, Sept 25, 6pm, @ HPA
   Fri, Sept 28, 6pm, host Kona
Cross Country:
   Sat, Aug 25, @ CLA (preseason)
   Sat, Sept 1, 10am, @ HPA
   Sat, Sept 8, 10am, @ Kamehameha
   Sat, Sept 15, 10am, Kea`au
   Sat, Sept 22, 9am, @ HPA
   Sat, Sept 29, 10am, @ Waiakea

THE ROTARY CLUB OF VOLCANO HOSTS A 2018 VOLCANO DOWNHOME COUNTRY BBQ on Monday, September 3, with food served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and live music offered from noon to 3 p.m., at the Cooper Center on Wright Road, in Volcano Village.
     The event offers games for kids and music from the Gone Country Band. Tickets for the event can be purchased at volcanorotary.org (or from any Volcano Rotary Member): $35 for a Bull Rider Meal - half chicken or half rack ribs, and $10 for a Lil Buckaroo Meal - burger or hot dog. Meals include sides, dessert, drinks and entertainment. All proceeds go to local community Rotary Club projects and Rotary Club’s local, trade school, post high school scholarship fund. For more details, email rotaryclubofvolcano@gmail.com.
     Lucretia Worster, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Volcano, says, "We are very excited about our Rotary event on Labor Day. We’re hoping it will be our new tradition, and community event we can share with everyone!"

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After Dark Near The Park: Saving Rare Plants from the Brink of Extinction in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, Tue, Aug 21, 7-8pm, Volcano Art Center's Ni`aulani Campus, Volcano Village. Botanist Sierra McDaniel discusses rare plant management at the park. Free; $2 donation suggested. volcanoartcenter.org. Event co-sponsored by Friends of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, 985-6011.

Free Community Dance, Fri, Aug 24, 7-10pm, Cooper Center, Volcano Village. Minors allowed with supervision only. Alcohol free event. Variety of music. Coffee, tea, water, and snacks provided. Free admission; donations appreciated. 967-7800, thecoopercenter.org

Zentangle: Basics and Beyond with Lydia Meneses, Sat, Aug 25, 10-1pm, Volcano Art Center's Ni`aulani Campus, Volcano Village. Zentangle Basics kit provided. $30/Volcano Art Center Member, $35/non-Member, $10 supply fee. Bring light refreshment to share.

Waiho`olu`u Ola Indigo Dyeing Workshop, Sat, Aug 25, 12:30-3:30pm, Volcano Art Center's Ni`aulani Campus, Volcano Village. Learn traditional methods of banding and folding in traditional and modern shibori styles to create patterns, and explore the alchemy of indigo, a plant derived dye. $50/Volcano Art Center Member, $55/non-Member, plus $25 supply fee. No experience necessary. Space limited. Pre-registration required: volcanoartcenter.org or 967-8222.

Birth of Kahuku, Sat, Aug 26, 9:30-11:30am, Kahuku Unit of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. Explore rich geologic history of Kahuku on this easy-to-moderate hike that traverses the vast 1868 lava flow, with different volcano features and formations. Learn about the Hawaiian hotspot and the creation of Kahuku. Free. nps.gov/HAVO

HOVE Road Maintenance Corp. Meeting, Tue, Aug 28, 10am, 92-8979 Lehua Lane, Ocean Viewhoveroad.com, 929-9910, gm@hoveroad.com

Ka`ū Food Pantry, Tue, Aug 28, 11:30-1pm, St. Jude's Episcopal Church in Ocean View.


Free Arts and Crafts Activities at Pāhala Comunity Center happen on Wednesdays (excluding Aug 29), from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., through the end of Sept, for keiki in Kindergarten through 8th grade.
   - Aug 22: Silhoutte Art. Register through Aug 21.
   - Sept 5: In observance of Grandparents Day, Craft Stick Puzzle Hanging. Register Aug 30 through Sept 4.
   - Sept 12: Dove Foldable For Peace. Register Sept 4 through 11.
   - Sept 19: Handprint Tree Art. Register Sept 13 through 18.
   - Sept 26: Beaded Wind Chime. Register Sept 19 through 25.

     Fd Sat, from noon to 8 p.m., or Fri, from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. See hawaiicounty.gov/pr-recreation/.

Activities at Kahuku Park -- within Hawaiian Ocean View Estates -- over the next two months, include two physical activities, three arts and crafts activities, and a Park Beautification Day.

     For ages 6 to 12:
   - Jump Rope Challenge: Mon, Aug 27, to egistration open through Aug 25.
   - Sand Art: Wed, Sept 5, 3 to 4 p.m. Registration open Aug 27 through 31.
     For all ages:
   - Friendship Bracelets: Wed, Sept 19, to  Registration open Sept 10 through 14.

   - Park Beautification Day: Fri, Sept 28, 1 to Registration open Sept 19 through 26.
      All activities are free to attend. For more, call Teresa Anderson at 929-9113 or visit the park during business hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 12:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. and Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. See hawaiicounty.gov/pr-recreation/.

Cross County Assistant Coach Needed for Ka`ū Trojans, says Coach Erin Cole. The Boys & Girls team starts running Aug 25. Contact Cole for more, or if interested in applying, at erinlcole@hotmail.com.

5th Annual Volcano Winery Harvest Festival tickets on sale for event on Sun, Sept 9, and selling fast! Benefit for Volcano School of Arts and Sciences. Music, food, wine, and raffle. $40/adult (21+), $20 under 21. 967-7772, volcanowinery.com

5th Annual Ka`ū Coffee Trail Run Registration Open, online at webscorer.com/register?raceid=128145, Fees: 5K, $35/person; 10K, $45/person; and 1/2 Marathon, $55/person. Race Day Sat, Sept 22, 7 a.m.; begins and ends at Ka`ū Coffee Mill, kaucoffeemill.com. Event organizers: `O Ka`ū Kākou, okaukakou.org.

Tūtū and Me Traveling Preschool's Temporary Nā`ālehu Site Location is Kauaha`ao Church in Wai`ōhinu. Meeting days and times remain the same: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 8:45 to 10:45 a.m. Pāhala site program meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., at Pāhala Community Center.
     Tūtū and Me also offers home visits to those with keiki zero to five years old, to aid with parenting tips and strategies, educational resources, and a compassionate listening ear. Free. Visits last 1.5 hours, two to four times a month, total of 12 visits. Snacks are provided.

     To enroll in either program, fill out enrollment forms found at pidf.org/programs/tutu_and_me/enrollment_forms, or call Linda Bong at 464-9634. Questions: Clark at 929-8571 or eclark@pidfountation.org.

Harmony Educational Services, Home Based Educational Programs - Open Enrollment through Oct 15; harmonyed.com/hawaii. Partnered with four local public charter schools, Harmony offers benefits of homeschooling with resources available to public schools. Interested families can also contact Rayna Williams at rwilliams@harmonyed.com or 430-9798.

Disaster Recovery Center open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Pāhoa Neighborhood Center at 15-3022 K
auhale St. See information applicants need to bring, or register online, at fema.gov/disaster/4366. If you are a survivor who has left the area, call 800-621-3362. Salvation Army distribution center at Pāhoa Community Center on Tue, Thu, and Sat, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. To donate, contact 756-0306.

Volunteers Needed by St. Jude's Episcopal Church for Sat community outreach, especially soup cooks and shower organizers. "Volunteering for St. Jude's Saturday Shower and Soup ministry is an opportunity to serve God in a powerful way," states St. Jude's. Contact Dave Breskin, 319-8333.

Ocean View Vet Center Visits Suspended until further notice. Veterans, call 329-0574 for VA benefit information. ovcahi.org

Find Your Park, invites Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, to kama`aina and tourist alike. Experience authentic Hawaiian cultural programs, guided hikes, After Dark events, and more from Ka`ū to Volcano to Hilo, while the partial closure of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park continues.

     Free of charge, with no entry fees, rangers offer new and familiar programs at Kahuku Unit, Volcano Art Center's Ni`aulani Campus, and Mokupāpapa Discovery Center and Prince Kūhio Plaza in Hilo.
Kahuku Unit

     Kahuku events are posted to the park website, nps.gov/havo/planyourvisit/kahuku-hikes.htm.

     Regularly scheduled Guided Hikes, monthly Coffee Talk, daily Ranger Talks, with cultural demonstrations and activities on weekends.

     Guided Hikes on Saturdays and Sundays begin at  Meet the ranger at the welcome tent. Can't make a guided hike but want to get to know Kahuku better? The Friends of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park will tailor a customized trek just for you. Contact Friends through their website. Proceeds support Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park.

     Coffee Talk, held the last Friday of the month, , at the Visitor Contact Station. Dr. Frank Bonaccorsoreveals "A Day in the Life of `Ōpe`ape`a – the Hawaiian Hoary Bat," and shares a 24-hour cycle of the only land mammal native to Hawai`i on Fri., Aug. 31.

     Ranger Talks introduce the natural, cultural and historic attributes of Kahuku on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at  and , and Saturday and Sunday at , at the Visitor Contact Station.

     `Ike Hana No`eau: Experience the Skillful Work Cultural De
     Picnic in the Park: Join Kahuku for Hawaiian music and hula. Bring a picnic lunch or opt to buy lunch from food trucks on this family-friendly day. Supported by the Friends of Hawai`i VolcanoesNational Park. Sun., Sept. 16, 
Volcano Art Center's Ni`aulani Campus
     Find Park Rangers in Volcano Village daily, at the Volcano Art Center's Ni`aulani Campus at 19-4074 Old Volcano Rd. Rangers are there 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to provide talks and answer questions about the current eruption.

     After Dark …near the park at the Volcano Art Center's Ni`aulani Campus. Each event will have a different subject matter.

Mokupāpapa Discovery Center

     Find Park Rangers in downtown Hilo, Tuesdays through Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rangers provide daily eruption updates. At 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., they give a talk about all five of Hawai`i Island's volcanoes, including Kīlauea. Get NPS Passport Books stamped. Located at 76 Kamehameha Ave., Hilo.

Prince Kūhio Plaza

     Find Park Rangers alongside the park's non-profit partner, Hawai`i Pacific Parks Association, at their brand new mall store.

Grand Naniloa Hotel

     Find Park Rangers stationed at the Grand Naniloa Hotel in downtown Hilo on Sundays and Mondays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Rangers provide eruption updates at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The park film that is normally available to visitors at Kīlauea Visitor Center at the Summit, Born of Fire, Born in the Sea, is shown every half-hour beginning at 9:30 a.m.
     Park rangers also greet incoming arrivals at the Hilo International Airport, welcome cruise ship passengers as they disembark at the Port of Hilo, and inform visitors at `Imiloa Astronomy Center most Sundays.

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