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Ka`u News Briefs Monday, Dec. 16, 2013


Praising the lord through dance, Thy Word Ministries' Dexlyn Navarro is the leader at Christmas in Ka`u. Photo by Julia Neal
FOLLOWING A TIGER SHARK BITING a bodyboarder at Ninole near Punalu`u last week, Hawai`i is closing in on Florida for the most shark attacks per coastline this year. To date, Hawai`i, with 750 miles of coastline, has 14 and Florida, with 1,350 miles of tidal coastline, had 26 as of Dec. 5. Last year, Florida posted 26 attacks and Hawai`i ten, according to sharkattackfile.info.
Studies of tiger shark migration hope to show reasons for increasing attacks.
Photo from wikipedia 
      Studies in Florida and Hawai`i are focusing on migration patterns of sharks and their possible relation to attacks. Florida researchers led by Yannis Papastamatiou, a marine biologist at University of Florida, showed a spike in how many tiger sharks are seen in October, matching “our predicted model that you’re having an influx of big, pregnant females coming from the northwestern Hawaiian Islands,” Papastamatiou said. “There even tends to be a spike in the number of shark bites that occur during that season.” Since 1926, the highest numbers of reported attacks in Hawai`i occurred in October, November and December.
      In Hawai`i, Department of Land & Natural Resources is tracking the movements of several tiger sharks recently fitted with satellite tags near Maui. These tags, attached to the sharks’ dorsal fins, intermittently track their locations as they breach the water’s surface. Information gathered will help determine whether the sharks are more resident (more “site-attached”) and whether they exhibit greater use of inshore habitats than in other locations.
      See more and track sharks at dlnr.hawaii.gov.
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Map shows location of proposed sewage treatment and disposal facility in Na`alehu.
CONSTRUCTION OF A WASTEWATER COLLECTION SYSTEM in Na`alehu is scheduled to begin in 2014. The system would replace large capacity cesspools mauka of Hwy 11. Construction of a sewage collection system from the former C. Brewer portion of town is planned to begin early next year and take a year to complete, while construction of a transmission line and treatment and disposal facility is anticipated to begin later in the year and last 18 months. 
      The proposed treatment and disposal site is on six acres of land makai of Hwy 11 that the state Department of Land & Natural Resources is turning over to the county for the project. According to a project description from the county Department of Environmental Management, the site is not in a residential area and will minimize public exposure.
      The description states that while archaeological sites including petroglyphs, burial sites and the Kahua `Olohu bowling field used for Makahiki festivals have been identified, these sites have been “eliminated from consideration” and will not be used for the project.
      DEM also investigated several other properties as options for the project, but decided not to pursue them because of historical and potential archaeological sites.
Buddhists from Na`alehu Hongwanji are invited to sell sushi during the Christian
Christmas in Ka`u celebration. Photo by Julia Neal
       In a letter on behalf of the Keanu family, of Na`alehu, Keoni Fox, of Kaneohe, expressed concerns about the project to Lance Fukumoto, of consulting and engineering firm Fukunaga & Associates, Inc. “The proposed siting of the wastewater treatment facility in Kaunamano will have a detrimental impact on the community’s dream of preserving the coastline and protecting these lands from development,” Fox wrote.
      “While the proposed location presents a challenge to our preservation efforts, we are also concerned about environmental impacts due to odors and sewage disposal. The winds in Ka`u blow at an east/northeast direction. Therefore the odors from the proposed facility would blow directly toward Na`alehu Town. The facility should be located downwind from the town not upwind. Also, the proposed facility will dispose of treated sewage using a combination of leach fields and injection wells. The Kaunamano properties immediately makai of the proposed facility location are known for complexes of habitation caves and burial caves. Water is known to drip into these caves after traveling from the wet mauka lands above, and in the past, native Hawaiians collected water from these caves. We are concerned about the impact of treated/untreated sewage and odors on the cultural sites which are very close to the proposed facility location. Sewage spills are all too common at Hawai`i treatment plants.
Thy Word Singers inspire the many hundreds of people who attended Christmas
in Ka`u in Na`alehu. Photo by Julia Neal
      “We feel that the disposal of treated sewage in this area and the risk of an untreated sewage spill is a desecration to our ancestors’ burials and the pristine environmental resources of Kaunamano,” Fox wrote.
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CHRISTMAS IN KA`U, hosted by Thy Word Ministries Ka`u at Na`alehu Hongwanji over the weekend, drew nearly a thousand people and fed about 800. Led by Pastor Bob Tominaga, the annual event includes presentations by area churches, including Thy Word Ministries Hilo, Lighthouse Church of Hilo, New Hope of Volcano, Na`alehu Assembly of God and Ocean View Evangelical Church. Daughters of God Halau, Makualani Ho`onui Halau and Hannah’s Hula Halau performed. The event was for everyone. Vendors sold homegrown vegetables, Christmas wreaths and decorations, protea, jewelry and other gift items. Na`alehu Hongwanji sold sushi.

A bounty of locally grown food helped celebrate Christmas in Ka`u
over the weekend. Photo by Julia Neal
NEW RULES SOON GO INTO EFFECT from South Point to Upolu Point in North Kohala, with Gov. Neil Abercrombie signing the West Hawai`i Regional Fishery Management Area Rules. The state Board of Land and Natural Resources approved the rule changes on June 28 after considering more than 1,200 pieces of testimony and 2,300 comments. The rules further implement Act 306, passed by the Hawai`i Legislature in 1998. 
      “I felt it was important to take the time necessary to consider views from the community on both sides of the issue,” Abercrombie said. “An important component of the rules package is the understanding of our responsibility to continuously re-evaluate its impact to ensure that we are achieving desired outcomes. This approach in the West Hawai`i region will allow scientists, managers, those who fish and the community to effectively evaluate the evidence. It will also help the community and the state to test adaptive management strategies for our marine resources through monitoring and enforcement.”
      In addition to making technical changes, the rules prohibit take or possession of nine species of inshore sharks, rays and two invertebrate crown-of-thorns predators; establish a list of 40 fish species permitted for aquarium take with size and bag limits on three of these species (No other fish may be collected for aquarium use); establish a 1,500-foot section of Kaohe Bay (Pebble Beach) in South Kona as a Fish Replenishment Area where aquarium collecting and/or recreational fish feeding is prohibited; and prohibit scuba and/or re-breather spear fishing or possession of such gear with a spear and/or speared aquatic life.
      “The rules will strengthen the current management of the aquarium fishery in West Hawai`i and address community concerns about increasing pressure on our marine resources,” said William J. Aila, Jr., BLNR chairperson.
      The rules are available at state.hi.us/dlnr/dar.
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Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed new West Hawai`i Regional Fishery Management Area rules
during a mahalo party for Rep. Denny Coffman, standing left of the governor.
Photo from Office of the Governor
WEST KA`U’S REP. DENNY COFFMAN got mahalos from his colleagues Saturday at Kona Airport. Coffman is resigning his seat in the state Legislature and moving to the mainland, where a daughter is fighting cancer. 
         Nancy Cook Lauer, of West Hawai`i Today, reported Gov. Neil Abercrombie comparing his and Coffman’s style, saying that when Abercrombie enters a room, the temperature goes up; “when Denny comes into the room, the temperature goes down, because there’s an adult in the room.”
      Coffman said, “I didn’t know the governor and I were such good friends. If I’d known that, I would have asked for a lot more money for West Hawai`i.”
      “Denny has set the bar high,” said John Buckstead, Democratic Party vice chair for West Hawai`i. The Democratic Party District 5 Council has begun soliciting names to be considered to fill Coffman’s seat.
      See westhawaiitoday.com.
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JOHN AND HOPE KEAWE PERFORM tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. CDs and DVDs will be available for purchase. Free; park entrance fees apply. 

NA LEO MANU: HAKU MELE HO`IKE takes place Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park when local island songwriters who attended a three-day Hawaiian music songwriter’s workshop with Kenneth Makuakane and Kaliko Beamer-Trapp present their new, original compositions. Free; park entrance fees apply.

KA`U SCHOOL OF THE ARTS PRESENTS a Christmas Concert Saturday at 3 p.m. at Ocean View Community Center featuring Ka`u `Ohana Band, Ka`u Community Chorus, Hannah’s Makana `Ohana, David Matson and Ben Houghton. Call 854-1540.

PAHALA PLANTATION HOUSE HOSTS a Christmas Concert by Ka`u School Of The Arts Sunday at 3 p.m. Performers include Ka`u `Ohana Band, Ka`u Community Chorus, Hannah’s Makana `Ohana, David Matson and Ben Houghton. Call 854-1540.

KA`U HOSPITAL URGES RESIDENTS to complete its Community Health Needs Assessment at surveymonkey.com/s/93HQ5MX.

SEE THE DIRECTORY 2013 from the Ka`u Chamber of Commerce at kauchamber.org.


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