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Ka`u News Briefs Saturday, April 19, 2014

The new state Division of Aquatic Resources chief wants more public input on West Hawai`i Fisheries Management Area, which covers 35 percent of the western coast of the Big Island from South Point to `Upolu Point in Kohala. Photo from state Department of Land & Natural Resources

KA`U RESIDENTS AND OTHER Hawai`i Island residents will have more say in management of West Hawai`i Regional Fishery, the new chief at the state Division of Aquatic Resources is pledging. West Hawai`i Today reports Frazer McGilvray saying, “I’m in favor of community-based management. I think it’s important to engage the people whose livelihoods depend on the resource.”
New state DAR chief Frazer McGilvray
      According to reporter Bret Yager, Mcgilvray said social science is as important as biological science when decisions are made about how to manage a resource.
      Yager says McGilvray also considers it important to gather information from as many sources as possible regarding health of the fisheries. “We have no idea — only anecdotal figures — about how many fish are coming out of the water,” McGilvray said. “How can we manage our fisheries without this information? We just can’t. We know the government has to play a part. We know the community has to play a part. We’re still trying to find that sweet spot. It has to be what the community wants.”
      McGilvray also wants to increase collaboration between divisions in the Department of Land & Natural Resources. “When it rains up-country, it all runs down,” he said. “So if you have problems with the forest, it all runs down to the reef. These agencies have to work together. One department can’t solve all these issues.
      “Change has to come to link land and water.”
      West Hawai`i Regional Fishery Management Area runs from Ka Lae to `Upolu Point in North Kohala and from the highwater mark on shore seaward to the limit of the state's management authority.
      SCUBA spearfishing was banned in the Management Area last year by the Board of Land and Natural resources. West Hawai`i is the only area in the state to ban the practice. Other areas where it is also banned include Australia and Palau.
      Other prohibitions in the Management Area include:
  • To take, kill, possess, sell, or offer for sale, any specimen of Hawaiian stingray, broad stingray, pelagic stingray, spotted eagle ray, blacktip reef shark, gray reef shark, whitetip reef shark, tiger shark, whale shark, horned helmet, and Triton's trumpet; 
  • To possess more than five yellow tang larger than 4.5 inches total length, or more than five yellow tang smaller than two inches total length;
  • To possess aquarium collecting gear, or take or possess any specimen of aquatic life for aquarium purposes between sunset and sunrise, without a valid aquarium permit or in violation of its conditions, or while on a vessel that does not conform to registration requirements; and
  • To possess or use any net or container underwater to capture or hold aquatic life alive for aquarium purposes, which is not labeled with the commercial marine license number(s) of the person(s) owning, possessing, or using the equipment. 
      For more on the Management Area, see state.hi.us/dlnr/dar.
      See westhawaiitoday.com.
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KA`U’S NEW COUNCIL MEMBER to be elected this year would make more money than its current Council member, Brenda Ford, under a plan being considered by the county Salary Commission to give raises to county officials. Ford is ineligible to run again due to having reached her term limit.
      According to a story in Hawai`i Tribune-Herald, the 8.3 percent raise would bring Council members’ salaries to $52,000 per year.
      Reporter Nancy Cook Lauer said Council chair would get an 11.5 percent increase, to $58,000 per year.
Na`alehu native Amanda Dahlstedt Ciulla is a finalist for
EMT of the Year at Acadian Ambulance in Texas.
      Cook Lauer also reported other raises being considered: Mayor, 19.8 percent to $130,818; Managing Director, 6.1 percent to $110,244; Deputy Managing Director, 5.8 percent to $104,736; and department heads who didn’t get raises last year, unspecified amounts.
      Before voting on its plan, the commission holds a meeting on Monday, April 28 at 10 a.m. in County Council chambers in Hilo, when it will accept public comment.
      See westhawaiitoday.com.
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NA`ALEHU NATIVE AMANDA DAHLSTEDT CIULLA was recently honored as finalist for EMT of the Year by her fellow medics at Acadian Ambulance. The company, which provides emergency and non-emergency medical transportation in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi, recognizes exceptional medics for their tireless work ethic and dedication to their jobs.
      Finalists are known as outstanding medics who display exemplary attitudes and provide excellent patient care. Ciulla was nominated by her fellow medics to represent Acadian’s Houston operations, which include Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Walker, Galveston and Liberty counties.
      Ciulla grew up in Na`alehu and now lives in Conroe, Texas. She began working in health care as a medical assistant before joining the Acadian team in December 2012 as an EMT-Basic. She has since received her EMT-Intermediate certification and is working on her paramedic certification.
      “I am extremely honored and happy to be chosen by my peers as an EMT of the Year finalist,” Ciulla said. “It means so much to me to know that I have made a positive impression on my fellow co-workers.”
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THE CURRENT ISSUE OF VOLCANO WATCH discusses a portable instrument package was developed at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory to quickly and easily deploy Webcams for recording activity at new eruptive vents and tracking the location and advancement of lava flows in real time.
This portable platform can be used for several types of monitoring instruments.
Photo from USGS/HVO
      While the units can be slung by helicopter to remote sites, they require scientists on the ground to set up the cameras, install and align the radio antennas and connect the final wiring. “The new platforms greatly reduce the time and effort needed to deploy Webcams and other monitoring stations,” HVO reports.
      The core of HVO’s portable unit is an aluminum framework strong enough to be slung by helicopter while also supporting the power system (solar panels and batteries), camera tripod and electronics needed to acquire, store and transmit data to the observatory.
      “With the help of a long-term volunteer, Frank Box, HVO now has several of these units ready for deployment when the eruption of Kilauea changes or activity ramps up at one of the other active volcanoes in Hawai`i. The pre-fabrication will save many days of preparation time and reduce the number of sling loads needed to quickly install several new, temporary monitoring stations with minimal impact to a site,” HVO states.
      The issue also discusses portable units designed and built by Cascades Volcano Observatory scientists in their efforts to monitor Mt. St. Helens.
      See hvo.wr.usgs.gov/volcanowatch.
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FREE ENTRY TO HAWAI`I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK today and tomorrow kicks off National Park Week. Next week, the park has many events scheduled around the theme of Go Wild for Culture and celebrating Merrie Monarch Festival. See nps.gov/havo and future Ka`u News Briefs.

KA`U RESIDENTS INTERESTED IN THE WORK of Hawai`i Farmers Union United can attend a meeting today at 5 p.m. at Pahala Community Center. Speakers include Vincent Mina and Bob Shaffer. This meeting of is a potluck; farmers are encouraged to use their local ingredients. 
      For more information, contact Malian Lahey at 503-575-9098 or malian@kauspecialtycoffee.com.

KILAUEA MILITARY CAMP’S LAVA LOUNGE in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park holds a Jungle Party today at 7 p.m. Participants dress in jungle attire and dance to the tunes of DJ Tiki. Open to authorized patrons and sponsored guests. Park entrance fees apply.
      Call 967-8365 after 4 p.m. for more information.

THE ALOHAHAS PRESENT THEIR SPRING SHOW at Ocean View Community Center today at 7:30 p.m. The improv group presents a series of improvisation games with audience suggestions and participation along with original comedy sketches written and performed by members. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door.
      Call 938-2091 or email thealohahas@gmail.com.


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