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Ka`u News Briefs May 27, 2013

The U.S. Navy plans to name an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer after Sen. Daniel Inouye.
SEN. BRIAN SCHATZ AND REP. TULSI GABBARD have issued statements regarding Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus’ announcement that the U.S. Navy will name an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer after Sen. Daniel Inouye.
      “The naming of this destroyer appropriately honors Sen. Inouye’s life and dedication to service during Pearl Harbor, World War II, and throughout his 58 years in elected office serving the state of Hawai`i,” Schatz said. “Sen. Inouye represents what it means to be a public servant, and Hawai`i should be proud of this great honor provided by the Navy.” 
      Gabbard said, “Sen. Inouye inspired us all by his lifelong dedication to the service of the people of Hawai`i and our country. It is only fitting that we honor and memorialize his legacy. For decades to come, the USS Daniel Inouye will bear the name of one of our most distinguished soldiers from our greatest generation and will serve as a constant reminder of Hawai`i’s own iconic American hero. I thank the U.S. Navy for their recognition of Sen. Inouye’s great commitment to our Armed Forces and our country.”

Sen. Brian Schatz
SENATOR BRIAN SCHATZ HAS INTRODUCED LEGISLATION to facilitate the construction of a Native American Veterans Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The bill would provide the National Museum of the American Indian with the much needed flexibility to raise funds and move forward on construction of a memorial to honor the men and women of Native American heritage, including Native Hawaiians, who have served our nation. 
      “This memorial, originally championed by Sens. Inouye and McCain and signed into law in 1994, has languished far too long,” said Schatz. Sen. Mazie Hirono is one of the original co-sponsors.
Kevin Gover
     “Every Memorial Day we honor the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, and this legislation would allow for construction of a memorial on the National Mall so that people from across the country can honor the extraordinary contributions and sacrifices of our Native American veterans,” said Schatz. “Per capita, Native Americans, including American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians, serve at a higher rate in the Armed Forces than any other group of Americans and have served in all of the nation’s wars since the Revolutionary War.
      “Our Native veterans have sacrificed their lives for this country, and it is important that we recognize their bravery and patriotism with a fitting memorial. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Indian Affairs Committee and in the United States Senate to get this bill passed and finally have a National Native American Veterans Memorial in our nation’s capital.”
      Kevin Gover, director of the National Museum of the American Indian, said, “We are grateful to Sen. Schatz for his interest, and Sens. Inouye and Akaka for their contribution. And we look forward to working with Sen. Schatz as we move forward, empowering the National Museum of the American Indian to be directly involved in the process of erecting this memorial.”
Allen Hoe
      Native Hawaiian veteran and advocate Allen Hoe said, “I am grateful to Sen. Schatz for revitalizing this effort which Sens. Inouye and Akaka initially advocated. As a veteran and a Native Hawaiian, I can say that it would mean a lot to our community to have a memorial on the National Mall commemorating our service to our country. I thank Sen. Schatz for his leadership and look forward to visiting Washington, D.C. when this monument is complete.”
Robin Puanani Danner
      Robin Puanani Danner, president of the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, a national network of more than 150 Native Hawaiian organizations, said, “We mahalo Sen. Schatz for advancing the work of Sen. Inouye and Sen. Akaka on behalf of all Native peoples, including Native Hawaiians. We must honor and always remember the contributions made by our veterans. The memorial will tell a powerful story, especially for the next generation. Similar to Japanese Americans during war time, Native peoples share a difficult history with our federal government, and we also share an extraordinary commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy.”
Jefferson Keel
      Jefferson Keel, president of the National Congress of American Indians and a decorated veteran, said, “It is essential that we fulfill Sen. Inouye and Indian Country’s vision for a memorial to honor the service and sacrifice of our Native American service members. NCAI supports the amendments to the Native American Veterans’ Memorial Establishment Act of 1994, which will make the memorial a reality and allow for it to be built on the property of the National Museum of the American Indian. Most importantly, this bill allows for more flexibility for tribal nations and the United States to work together to honor the contributions and sacrifices of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian military service members and veterans. As a Native veteran myself, I look forward to the day my fellow veterans are recognized for their contributions to protecting the sovereignty of tribal nations and the United States.”

Ka`u residents can participate in Thursday's county budget meeting via
teleconferencing at Ocean View Community Center.
HAWAI`I COUNTY COUNCIL CONSIDERS the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year at a special meeting on Thursday at 8 a.m. at Council chambers in Hilo. One item on the agenda is Ka`u Council member Brenda Ford’s amendment requesting funding to continue teleconferencing of county government meetings at Ocean View Community Center. Ford encourages Ka`u residents to make use of the facility, which is threatened with closure due to lack of participation. 
      Meeting agenda is available at hawaiicounty.gov.

HAWAI`I PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION has posted more testimony in opposition to the proposal for `Aina Koa Pono to sell biofuel refined above Pahala from biomass grown in Ka`u to Hawai`i Electric Light Co.
      “I strongly object to the proposed biofuel contract under consideration,” wrote William Loesche. “We on O`ahu are solely paying for our improvements. We are being charged more for our services almost quarterly. Perhaps the island which benefits should increase their GET and solve their many needs. Even if the people of Hawai`i island were ready to pay 100 percent of the biofuel contract, the contract is not reasonable and should not be accepted. 
      Stephanie Kawaauhau, of Pahala, wrote, “I am opposed to putting a microwave polymerization refinery in our town. I am not only opposed because of the effect it will have on our community, our roads, our land and our people. I am also opposed to it for the state of Hawai`i. To place our state in a contract for the next 20 years with a process that has not been commercially used, expending our resources on this process with a company having no history of success, ignoring the other energy sources on this island ... is unwise in the very least.
      “To grow sterile grasses to create fuel to feed an old (power plant) refinery rather than the people is not the best use of our land. One only needs to explore the results of such behavior in other parts of the world.
      “I am opposed to this for my town, my state ... and for the world. We need to lower energy costs. Lower energy costs will create more jobs for this island and this state than any one company can promise. It is realized that the people involved in this proposal are putting themselves in position to make money. It may be good for those few people in the short term, but not for the future of all the people.”
      This and other testimony is available at puc.hawaii.gov. Docket number is 2012-0185.

U.S. Rep. and veteran Tulsi Gabbard is keynote speaker
at KMC's Memorial Day ceremony.
THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO Kilauea Military Camp’s Memorial Day ceremony today to hear keynote speaker, Ka`u’s U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and guest speaker, Captain Justin L. Montgomery, commander of the 871st Engineer Co. at Hilo. Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park waives entry fees for those who enter the park between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. and inform park attendants that they are going to the ceremony. The event takes place at 3 p.m. on the front lawn, and in case of inclement weather, moves to the Koa Room inside KMC’s lobby. 

A MEMORIAL DAY BUFFET TAKES PLACE at Kilauea Military Camp’s Crater Rim Café from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Prices are $14.25 for adults and $8 for children 6 to 11 years old. Open to authorized patrons and sponsored guests. Park entrance fees apply. Call 967-8356 for more information.

A CONCERT BENEFITING VOLCANO ART CENTER takes place Sunday at 2 p.m. at VAC’s Ni`aulani Campus in Volcano Village. Hawaiian musicians Keola Beamer and Jeff Peterson and dancer Moanalani Beamer offer Hawaiian slack key guitar music accompanied by hula, chant and traditional instrumentation.
      Tickets are available in limited quantities for $25 each and can be purchased online at volcanoartcenter.org or by phone at 967-8222.



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