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Ka`u News Briefs Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Trini and Francis Marques, two of the founders of the Ka`u Coffee industry, moving from sugar plantation work to coffee nearly
 two decades ago, took first in the Ka`u division. Photo from Ali`i Hawaiian Hula Hands
ALI`I HAWAIIIAN HULA HANDS COFFEE, grown by Francis and Trinidad Marques, won the Ka`u division of Hawai`i Coffee Association’s annual cupping competition last weekend at Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou. Second place went to FL Farm, founded by the late Fanny Lilly, of Wood Valley, and operated by Thaddeus Lilly. Third went to Ka`u Coffee Mill, founded by Edmund C. Olson. Ali`i Hawaiian Hula Hands Coffee earned a score of 88.7 out of a possible 100, followed by FL Farm with a score of 88.5. Ka`u Coffee Mill scored 87.5.
      Ali`i and FL took first and second in the statewide Creative Division. Miranda’s Farm took eighth, and Rusty’s Hawaiian 100 Percent Ka`u Coffee took ninth. Rusty’s also won People’s Choice during Roast & Roots, a coffee tasting and culinary competition attended by 1,000.
      In the Commercial Division, Ka`u Coffee Mill took fifth statewide.
Jose Miranda, along with wife Berta and family,
scored in the top 10 for Creative Coffees.
      Three representatives of the Ka`u Coffee industry were elected to the board of Hawai`i Coffee Association: John Cross, of Ka`u Coffee Mill; Ralph Gaston, of Isla Custom Coffees; and Chris Manfredi, of Ka`u Farm and Ranch.
      John Cross was a presenter at the conference, speaking on farmers being proactive on the possible arrival of coffee rust, a disease that has devastated farms in Latin America. "Coffee rust has been called the most economically damaging coffee disease in the world," Cross told coffee farmers and marketers, referring to a report from the American Phytopathological Society. Hawai`i is the only coffee growing region in the world that does not yet have coffee rust, Cross warned.
      HCA also hosted coffee buyers, brokers and other industry professionals for a Reverse Trade Mission to expand markets in Canada.
      HCA brings together people from all facets of the Hawai`i coffee industry – growers, processors, roasters, wholesalers and retailers. Its purpose is to educate, increase awareness and promote research and consumption of Hawaiian coffees.
     Among the Ka`u Coffee farmers who attended were Leo and Hermie Norberte and Lorie Obra.
     The new President of the Hawai`i Coffee Association is a major buyer of Ka`u Coffee, Jim Wayman, president of Hawai`i Coffee Co. Wayman is also a major donor to the Miss Ka`u Coffee scholarship fund.
     See more and complete scoring at www.hawaiicoffeeassociation.org.
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COUNCIL CANDIDATE Richard Abbett testified last Friday in favor of County Council member Margaret Wille’s non-binding resolution asking the mayor to revise the Request for Proposals for a bid solicitation for the waste reduction facility. The resolution calls for the RFP to be more inclusive of recycling, upcycling, mulching and other green initiatives. “Even though not sited in our district, it is an islandwide issue,” Abbett told The Ka`u Calendar. Ka`u’s Council member Brenda Ford voted in favor of Wille’s resolution, but it failed 6-2.
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Proposed site of Lehua Court is highlighted.
LEHUA COURT PROFESSIONAL AND RETAIL PLAZA in Ocean View has received favorable recommendations from the Windward Planning Commission and Hawai`i County Planning Committee. The property is on the mauka side of Hwy 11 and connects with Lehua Lane and Keaka Parkway.
      The applicant, William C. Foulk, is seeking to change the site’s zoning from Agricultural to Village Commercial. The 4.143-acre site would be developed with 54,000 square feet of commercial space and another 12,500 square feet of open, landscaped area for periodic craft fairs, thespian events and public gatherings.
      In its report to County Council, the Windward Planning concluded that the project “will give residents an opportunity to shop closer to their homes and provide a location for service-oriented businesses, like offices for doctors, tax preparers, hairdressers and the whole host of commercial needs generated by a large residential population.”
      In April 2012, many supporters sent in testimony saying, “Such a development will upgrade the area, create businesses, jobs, shopping and service opportunities. Having new services in our area will allow residents to stay close to home for their professional and shopping essentials. At the same time, it will alleviate traffic and driving requirements to meet those needs.
      “The Lehua Court Plaza will enhance the value of my property and spur resurgence of the overall economic growth of the Ka`u area.”
      At Thursday’s meeting of Hawai`i County Council’s Planning Committee, most testimony was in support of the proposed commercial development across from the entrance to Ocean View’s water spigot site. County Council candidate Richard Abbett encouraged the committee to approve it and work out details on traffic and water.
      All 12 people who came to testify at Ocean View Community Center supported the development.
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Ka`u residents participate in county meetings at Ocean View Community Center.
TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES IN THE BROADCAST OF COUNTY MEETINGS to and from remote sites from Ka`u to Kohala are making it difficult for testifiers to be assured that their input is entered into the public record. The breakdowns also leave those in remote communities unable to see and hear all of the public meetings.
      County Council candidate Richard Abbett said he has been attending council meetings through the remote feed in Ocean View for the last ten months. If elected, he said, one of his priorities will be to acquire funding to upgrade the system to provide stable service with current technology. He said a number of Ka`u people have expressed frustration after driving to Ocean View Community Center only to wait hours to provide their testimony because of technical difficulty. “Some people simply have to leave because of work obligations and other time constraints.” In Ocean View, five people left on Thursday, and three on Friday, he said.
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This historic photo of Hilea Bridge was submitted to bridgehunter.com
by Erick Castillo.
TWO KA`U BRIDGE PROJECTS ARE BEING EXPEDITED through a federal/state partnership. Hawai`i Department of Transportation is partnering with Federal Highway Administration’s Central Federal Lands Highways Division to replace bridges over Hilea and Ninole Streams on Hwy 11.
      “We have experienced great results (on past projects) because of the strong partnership we have with the HDOT and the incredible support of the Big Island communities,” said CFLHD Division Engineer Rick Suarez.
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VOLUNTEER ATTORNEYS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT KA`U LEGAL CLINIC to provide free legal advice to low-income Ka`u residents. This will be an opportunity to get information on the following types of cases:
  • Family Law – Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Paternity, Guardianships and Adoptions; 
  • Employment – Unemployment Benefits, Wrongful Termination; 
  • District Court – Landlord-Tenant, Small Claims, Collections; and 
  • Probate/Estate Planning – Wills and/or Trusts, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives. 
      Ka`u Legal Clinic is being planned for Saturday, Nov. 8 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The site is yet to be determined.
      Interested residents must pre-qualify and pre-register to participate in this special service. Call 313-8210 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
      This event is co-sponsored by Hawai`i Access to Justice Commission and Volunteer Legal Services Hawai`i, a 501(c)(3) legal service provider dedicated to removing the income barrier to access to justice.
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HAWAI`I CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY IS BRINGING speakers to Ka`u this Sunday, July 27. Filipino leaders Dr. Romeo Quijano and Gilbert Sape speak with farmers, farm workers and others at 6 p.m. at Pahala Community Center. A potluck begins at 5 p.m.
      Dr. Romeo Quijano and Gilbert Sape speak about farming and agriculture issues as they affect Filipinos across Hawai`i and the Philippines, including health and environmental impacts of pesticide exposure and genetically modified crops.
      The speakers will equip audiences with knowledge and tools needed to empower themselves as stakeholders in the farm and food movements, as well as a renewed sense of communal resiliency.
      For more information, contact Kasha Ho at 808-681-7688 or kho@centerforfoodsafety.org.

MEET AND GREET COUNTY COUNCIL CANDIDATES Monday, Aug. 4 at 6 p.m. at Ocean View Community Association Center. OVCA President Fortune Otter said topics regarding Ocean View to be discussed include an additional water well, more bus transit times, schools, a medical facility, a bank, early childhood education, waste disposal and recycling, Lehua Court and beach access.
      “Come hear, and be heard,” Otter said.
      Refreshments will feature items from Ka`u.
      For more information, call 939-7033, or email ovcahawaii@gmail.com.

THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. Students return to Na`alehu Elementary and Ka`u High & Pahala Elementary Schools on Tuesday, Aug. 5.


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