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Ka`u News Briefs Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014

Maile Medeiros David and her supporters shared mahalo messages with the public after her win as Ka`u's new County Council member. Following a visit to Volcano Village, she stopped in Pahala on her way through her district. Photo by Julia Neal
MAILE MEDEIROS DAVID WILL BE the new County Council member for Ka`u. Her District Six, the geographically largest council district on the island, will also include Volcano Village, Hawaiian Orchid Island Estates, Miloli`i, Ho`okena, Honaunau, Ke`ei, Napo`opo`o, Captain Cook, a portion of Kealakekua, Keopuka Heights, the neighborhood of Kona Community Hospital and Keopuka Kai.
Ka`u's County Council member-elect Maile Medeiros David shared her win with
supporters in Pahala this morning. Photo by Julia Neal
      She wins because she took 66.89 percent of the vote in yesterday’s nonpartisan primary election, much more than the 50 percent plus one vote required to stave off a runoff in the general election on Nov. 4.
      Turnout for absentee, early walk-in and primary election day voting was dismal, according to poll workers Only 2,394 voted for the new councilwoman. Runner-up Richard Abbett, of Ocean View, took in 665 votes, and Jim Wilson, of Volcano, received 520 votes.
     Medeiros David, currently a deputy county clerk and formerly a County Council staff member and paralegal, said that becoming a council member is a natural progression in her community service.
      The daughter of coffee farmers in a large Hawaiian-Portuguese family, Medeiros has been a champion of preserving precious cultural sites by going to court to prevent and mitigate development. Her successes include conservation of a native Hawaiian cultural site in the face of a proposed multi-story condominium project on the shore along Ali`i Drive in Kona. She also prevented additional dredging of the shore at the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort for visitor swimming areas.
      In Ka`u, David will be involved with the county administration and council in the future planning for management of Kawa and Honu`apo, which were purchased by the county to protect them from development.
      She told The Ka`u Calendar that she also hopes to work with Ka`u Coffee farmers to protect their land security on the former C. Brewer property now that most if not all of their leases have expired. The land is now owned by Lehman Bros., which has it up for sale after foreclosing on a developer that planned to turn it into coffee estates and received preliminary approvals to subdivide it. Ka`u Coffee farmers have developed their famous coffee, mostly at the Lehman land at Moa`ula and Pear Tree, over nearly two decades following closure of the sugar plantation.
      Medeiros David stood with supporters along Ka`u streets this morning and waved to passersby. She told residents who stopped by to congratulate her that she wants to visit with people to understand more about Ka`u’s issues and challenges. She learned about the needs of Wood Valley residents with electricity and water challenges after the Iselle storm hit.
    Second place finisher Richard Abbett said he met David in Na`alehu today and congratulated her. He said he wished her well and said "go get `em girl." He said she looked 'as happy as a girl waking up on Christmas." He said he also congratulated her volunteers. Abbett said he will spend a little time to see what other opportunities there are "to provide some leadership and be of service to the community. I have become required from my first career and view public service as my current career," he said. "I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart, especially the new voters getting involved. I think the community pulled together during the storm and so will the Democratic Party and community leaders," he said.
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Hawai`i County Council member-elect Maile Medeiros David joined the other two
candidates, Jim Wilson, at left, and Richard Abbett at several forums in Ka`u.
Photo by Bob Ernst
MAILE MEDEIROS DAVID, WHO WILL BECOME KA`U’S new council member, won more than 50 percent of the vote in Pahala, Na`alehu and Miloli`i, but not in Volcano or Ocean View.
      The County Council nonpartisan primary results from Volcano to Miloli`i are: 
      At Cooper Center in Volcano, Davis won 39.9 percent with 148 votes. Wilson took 26.1 percent with 99 votes, and Abbett took 23 percent with 87 votes.
      At Ka`u High, David received 81 percent with 85 votes. Abbett took 10.5 percent with 11 votes and Wilson 1.7 percent with two votes.
      At Na`alehu School, David received 56.7 percent with 123 votes. Abbett received 20.3 percent with 44 votes and Wilson 10.1 percent with 22 votes.
      At Ocean View Community Center, David took 48.9 percent with 149 votes. Abbett gathered 31.1 percent with 95 votes and Wilson 10.8 percent with 33 votes. 
      At Miloli`i Halau, David won 64.3 percent with 54 votes. Abbett took 20.2 percent with 17 votes and Wilson took 3.6 percent with three votes.
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U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, a candidate for U.S. Senate, campaigned
in Pahala last month. Photo by Ron Johnson
NA`ALEHU AND OCEAN VIEW WERE TWO of the last precincts in the state to report voting totals last night. This led commentators statewide to note that remote Ka`u, along with other distant polling places in west Kaua`i, including Ni`ihau, would help determine the U.S. Senate seat battle outcome between Sen. Brian Schatz and Rep. Colleen Hanabusa.
       However, key and still yet undetermined in the Schatz-Hanabusa match-up are two precincts in Puna that have not yet held the vote due to inaccessible polling places in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Iselle.
      Statewide, the tally so far shows Schatz leading with 113,800 votes over Hanabusa’s 112,165, a tiny edge reflected in the tiny voting population of Ka`u. From Volcano to Miloli`i, Schatz took in 192 more votes than Hanabusa with the following precinct totals:
      At Cooper Center in Volcano, Schatz took 62 percent with 212 votes. Hanabusa received 33 percent with 114 votes.
      At Ka`u High School, Hanabusa garnered 54.6 percent with 53 votes. Schatz took in 41.2 percent with 40 votes.
      At Na`alehu School, Schatz earned 48.7 percent with 88 votes, while Hanabusa brought in 46.1 percent, with 83 votes.
      At Ocean View Community Center, Schatz took 60 percent with 147 votes, while Hanabusa took 34.3 percent with 83 votes.
      At Miloloi`i Halau, Schatz took 54.8 percent with 40 votes. Hanabusa took 38.4 percent with 28 votes.
      The remaining votes are expected to be gathered in Puna by absentee voting during the next three weeks.
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Democratic gubernatorial primary winner David Ige made a campaign stop
in Pahala last month. Photo by Julia Neal
IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY FOR GOVERNOR, though losing statewide, Neil Abercrombie received more votes than David Ige from Volcano through Miloli`i. Abercrombie took Volcano, Ocean View and Miloli`i but lost in Pahala and Na`alehu. 
      The governor’s race Democratic Primary results Volcano to Miloli`i are:
      At Cooper Center in Volcano, Abercrombie took 49.9 percent with 170 votes, while Ige took 46 percent with 157 votes.
      At Ka`u High, Ige took 56.7 percent with 55 votes, while Abercrombie took 41.2 percent with 40 votes.
      At Na`alehu School, Ige took 55 percent with 99 votes, while Abercrombie received 41.7 percent with 75 votes.
      At Ocean View Community Center, Abercrombie garnered 56.6 percent with 137 votes, while Ige received 40.1 percent with 97 votes.
      At Miloli`i Halau, Abercrombie took in 58.7 percent with 43 votes, and Ige received 41.7 percent with 30 votes.
      After winning the primary, Ige said it was a humbling beginning for his campaign. Pointing to his wife and children, he said, “This started in our living room.” He said his father instilled in him “that leadership is walking the talk and what you do is more important than what you say.     
      “Together, we have made history,” Ige said. “People told me I was crazy for giving up my seat in the state Senate. They reminded me that no incumbent governor had ever lost a primary election. 
     “That changed tonight. With our campaign’s primary election victory, we have proven that the people – not special interests – are in charge of Hawai`i’s future.
Rep. Richard Creagan is the Demcratic
nominee for state House District Five.
Photo by Ron Johnson
     “We have more work to do, of course. Tonight was just the beginning. We must set our sights on the general election on Nov. 4.
     “Mahalo for your support and the trust you have placed in me. Together, let’s move Hawai`i forward.”  
     After conceding the election to Ige, Abercrombie said to his supports, “You are so great. I am full of so much gratitude. Onipa`a, steadfast, forward.
      “Today, I begin the final chapter of a 40-year career of service to the people of Hawai`i. I couldn’t possibly be more appreciative of the faith and support you’ve given me. 
     “I have no regrets simply because every waking breath has been for you, Hawai`i. I have given all that I could, every day that I could.
     “To my campaign team and my administration, I wish to say ‘mahalo.’ To David Ige, our Democratic nominee for governor, I say ‘imua.’ I am behind your candidacy with every ounce of energy I possess.
     “I remain forever grateful for the opportunity to have served all of you. I look forward to working to elect a new Democratic governor, David Ige.”

KA`U HAS TWO MEMBERS OF THE STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, with incumbent Richard Onishi, of Hilo, running unopposed in the Democratic Primary and incumbent Richard Creagan, of Na`alehu, beating Gene “Bucky” Leslie, of Holualoa.
      House of Representatives District Five results for Na`alehu through Miloli`i are:
      At Na`alehu, Creagan received 66.7 percent, with 120 votes. Leslie received 24.4 percent, with 44 votes.
      At Ocean View, Creagan took 55.4 percent with 134 votes, while Leslie received 30.2 percent with 73 votes.
      At Miloli`i, Creagan took 56.2 percent with 41 votes, while Leslie received 35.6 percent with 26 votes.

Marion Villanueva, who recently held a coffee hour for Sen. David Ige, celebrated Ka`u's
Puerto Rican heritage at last year's Ka`u Plantation Days. A planning meeting for this
year's event takes place tomorrow. Photo by Julia Neal
SEN. JOSH GREEN RAN UNOPPOSED in state Sen. District Three Democratic primary.

THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO Ka`u Scenic Byways Committee’s meeting tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Na`alehu Methodist Church. For more information, email richmorrow@alohabroadband.net.

KA`U PLANTATION DAYS ORGANIZERS hold a meeting tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. at Pahala Community Center to begin planning for the Oct. 11 event. For more information, call Darlyne Vierra at 640-8740.

KA`U HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI & FRIENDS hold their 13th annual potluck reunion at Pahala Community Center a week from today on Sunday, Aug. 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. All are invited to attend. Organizers encourage attendees to bring a favorite dish to share and come and enjoy a day of fun, live music and good food.
      Individual classes also hold their reunions next weekend. For more information, see future Ka`u News Briefs or contact Lovey Grantz at 982-8242 or James Yamaki at 969-6828.


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