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Ka`u News Briefs Monday, Oct. 27, 2014

Akebono, the iconic building in the heart of Pahoa, is just off Pahoa Village Road, the main road of the business district, where some owners have shuttered their businesses as lava comes closer to the village. The road is currently closed nearby. Photo by Julia Neal
HAWAI`I COUNTY CIVIL DEFENSE REPORTS that lava threatening Pahoa continues to remain active advancing from yesterday until this morning approximately 275, flowing through Pahoa Cemetery and setting off some methane explosions.  Lava has also flowed around a Hawaiian Electric Light Co. pole which HELCO surrounded with protective material. There was no loss of power as the lava flowed by, HELCO reported.
      At 7:30 a.m., the flow front was approximately 100 yards from the nearest residential property and could reach it later today, based on current flow rates. Advancement has been inconsistent, averaging approximately 10 to 15 yards per hour. 
Sun silhouettes a Puna palm tree as lava approaches
its trunk. Photo from USGS/HVO
      Smoke conditions were light to moderate, with moderate trade winds from the northeast pushing the smoke in a south-southwest direction. Smoke conditions may increase in some areas, and residents down wind who may be sensitive or have respiratory problems are advised to take necessary precautions and to remain indoors.
      Based on the current flow location, direction and advancement, residents in the flow path were placed on an evacuation advisory and notified of possible need for evacuation beginning last night.
      An evacuation notice issued by Civil Defense states: “Area residents should begin their evacuation and have all evacuation activities completed by Tuesday, Oct. 28. Civil Defense will be following up with residents on the flow status and any changes with the evacuation requirements. Please be prepared for possible changes that may require an earlier time for completing all evacuation activities.”
      Pahoa Village Road between Apa`a Street and Post Office Road is closed and limited to area residents only. In addition, Civil Defense and public safety personnel will be operating in the area round the clock to maintain close observations of flow activity.
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HAWAI`I COUNTY COUNCIL HAS PASSED a resolution that urges the Board of Water Supply to authorize the acquisition of land required for development of a second Ocean View well, a reservoir, support facilities and water main to connect with the first Ocean View well in its five-year plan. The resolution, introduced by Ka`u’s County Council member Brenda Ford, authorizes the Department of Water Supply to engineer and construct the well and all accessory facilities.
      Eight council members voted in favor of the resolution, with one absent.
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Lava surrounds Hawaiian Electric Light Co. pole wrapped in
protective materials. Power stayed on as the lava flowed by.
Photo from HELCO
MICHAEL J. ANDERSON, A 41-year-old Ocean View man, has died from injuries due to being ejected from the bed of a truck when the driver failed to stop at a stop sign and made a sharp left turn. Anderson was found unresponsive on the roadway. He was taken to Kona Community Hospital in critical condition and later flown to Queens Medical Center on O`ahu, where he was pronounced dead yesterday at 9:38 a.m.
      The driver of the truck, 45-year-old Adrian Leopoldo Yurong, of Ocean View, was initially arrested on suspicion of first-degree negligent injury and driving without insurance. He was released pending further investigation.
      Police officers from the Area II Traffic Enforcement Unit are continuing the investigation and have reclassified the case to a negligent homicide. An autopsy has been ordered to determine the exact cause of death.
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BIG ISLAND COMMUNITY COALITION has submitted testimony to the state Public Utilities Commission in support of implementing 50 megawatts of geothermal electricity as soon as practicable. 
      The BICC steering committee is made up of David DeLuz, Jr., Rockne Freitas, Michelle Galimba, Richard Ha, Wallace Ishibashi, Kuulei Kealoha Cooper, Kai`u Kimura, D. Noelani Kalipi, Robert Lindsey, HM Monty Richards, Marcia Sakai, Kumu Lehua Veincent and William Walter. BICC President Richard Ha, owner of Hamakua Springs Country Farms, said all committee members are acting on their own behalf regarding the testimony.
      “The high oil price case projected by the EIA 2014 predicts $150 per barrel oil by 2020,” according to the testimony. “There is a direct correlation between oil usage and world GDP. A high oil price of $150 per barrel will adversely impact our tourism industry causing a severe recession.
      “Geothermal is one of the few ways available to mitigate high oil price. And, we need to move sooner rather than later.
      “Oil prices quadrupled in the last ten years, and the folks who could pass on the costs did pass on the costs. Those who could not were the working homeless, kupuna on fixed income, single moms as well as others such as farmers, who are price takers and not price makers.
      “The Big Island has the lowest median income of the counties. Our electricity rates have been 25 percent higher than O`ahu’s for as long as we can remember. That high electricity rate acts like a giant regressive tax. We are able to turn that around by enabling more geothermal.
      The 23 percent curtailed electricity from geothermal can support making hydrogen at an affordable cost. This will help solve the green ground transportation problem. And, curtailed electricity can be the basis for making nitrogen fertilizer, without which we cannot feed all the people.”
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Volcano residents clear brush during a wildfire fuels reduction day.
Photo from HWMO
WALK-IN VOTING IN ADVANCE OF THE NOV. 4 General Election is available at Pahala Community Center through this Friday, Oct. 31. Hours are 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

HAWAI`I WILDFIRE MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION holds community input meetings this week to update Hawai`i County Community Wildfire Protection Plans for Volcano and Ka`u.
      HWMO helps communities organize wildfire fuels reduction days. They can include free chipper, tree services and other necessities. Once at least 10 households sign on, HWMO has $5,000 for each participating neighborhood. “Funds are limited so start rallying ASAP!” said organizer Ilene Grossman.
      Meetings are tomorrow from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Cooper Center in Volcano and from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Na`alehu School. Another meeting takes place Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Ocean View Community Center.

JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN, DIANE FERLATTE, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning storyteller, shares ghostly tales at Pahala Public & School Library Wednesday at 3 p.m. In Haunted Bayou: Ghostly Tales, Spirits Have Souls, Too, Ferlatte uses expression, gesture and intense emotion to create multiple characters for each story. She brings her tales to life through stories, songs, American Sign Language and humor.
Diane Ferlatte shares ghostly tales in Pahala Wednesday.
      Ferlatte is a native of New Orleans and has visited almost every state in the U.S., including Hawai`i and Alaska, to perform at libraries, major festivals, theaters, conferences and schools. Nominated for a Grammy Award in 2008, Ferlatte said she especially loves performing in public libraries, as she believes that they are one of the places where the tradition of storytelling is to be nurtured and lessons of the stories most need to be heard.
      This 45-minute program is suitable for ages 5 and older. Young children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
      For more information, call 928-2015.

A CONCERT TO CELEBRATE THE LIFE of the late Dennis Kamakahi, with Hawaiian musical greats John Keawe, Diana Aki, Martin Pahinui, Ben Ka`iwi and Dennis’ son David Kamakahi, will be held at Pahala Plantation House on Saturday, Nov. 8 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sponsored by the Center for Hawaiian Music Studies, the concert and kani ka pila with `ohana will also feature Keoki Kahumoku, Peter deAquino, Kai Ho`opi`i, the Abrigo `Ohana, Katy Rexford, Rion Schmidt and more. Donations will be accepted.
       Kamakahi was a teacher and voice of inspiration each year at the annual Kahumoku music workshop at Pahala Plantation House for a decade and planned to move to Na`alehu soon, where he would teach, compose and build a recording studio at a family home. The concert will open this year’s music workshop, where many of Dennis’ students will gather. The public is invited.
      Dennis Kamakahi lost his battle with lung cancer on April 28 during a career in which he was famous for slack key, `ukulele, harmonica, singing and songwriting.
Dennis Kamakahi performed annually at Pahala Plantation House at public concerts
sponsored by the Center for Hawaiian Music Studies. Photo by Julia Neal
      Kamakahi composed more than 500 songs and inspired many young Ka`u musicians to write songs, tell stories and approach life with humor and love. 
      Kamakahi was not only a musician but also a Christian minister, providing his fans with both a spiritual and Hawaiian musical journey.
      Many of Kamakahi’s songs are standards of Hawaiian music. He composed Wahine `Ilikea, Pua Hone and Koke`e. He earned Na Hoku Hanohano Awards and brought home three Grammy awards. Kamakahi played with the Sons of Hawai`i before his distinguished solo career. He earned a Hawai`i Music Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award and induction into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame.
      Kamakahi was the first modern Hawaiian music composer with his six-string slack key guitar, albums, sheet music and personal photographs welcomed into the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s permanent collection.
      His music is featured in films, including Lilo & Stitch 2 and the Oscar-nominated soundtrack from The Descendants


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