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Ka`u News Briefs Sunday, April 19, 2015


Chinese investors in 1600 acres mauka of Hwy 11 in Na`alehu enjoyed the breeze at Punalu`u and a lu`au where they met local
coffee farmers. Photo by Julia Neal
KA`U COFFEE FARMERS MET OWNERS of the new Ka`u Royal Hawaiian Coffee & Tea, LLC  yesterday at a Punalu`u lu`au held by former county councilman and beach house owner Jim Dahlberg. Dahlberg helped broker the 1,600-acre sale to the hui for lands on the mauka side of Na`alehu in the area behind Ace Hardware and extending into the hills and along Hwy 11 on the Wai`ohinu side of the village.
Jim Dahlberg, second from left, with Barry Flanagan to his right,
the HAPA band and Keoki Kahumoku, left, provided a Punalu`u
concert yesterday. Photo by Julia Neal
  Project Manager Louis Leong said plans include growing coffee, adding tea and other agriculture and building a coffee mill, tea processing establishment and visitor center along Hwy 11. Today the Chinese investors are touring Ka`u Coffee farms, mill and other agricultural operations in Ka` u, led by their new local representative Tyler Johansen, of Elite Agri Services. Johansen can be reached at 808-938-3230.
    The welcoming party featured famed Hawaiian musician Barry Flanagan and his band HAPA. Sitting in was Keoki Kahumoku, whose uncle Moses Kahumoku played with Flanagan years ago. The music provided a surprise for Punalu`u beachgoers.
    Some members of the investment group said they plan to return for the Ka`u Coffee Festival Ho`olaule`a on May 2 and have contributed to the Miss Ka`u Coffee and Ka`u Chamber of Commerce scholarship funds.
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SIMON RUSSELL, VICE PRESIDENT of Hawai`i Farmers Union United, is a gubernatorial candidate for the state Board of Agriculture.
      “New agricultural technologies, methods and innovations will emerge to give humans an agriculture system that has never been so productive, and Hawai`i can lead the way,” Russell said. “Hawai`i BOA can be an enabler, and I would like to help make it happen. 
      “We must take a good look at what the future will be like for our keiki. They should be able to live in a place that is food secure and resilient with regards to the economy, environment and community.”
Gov. David Ige chose Simon Russell as a member
of the state Board of Agriculture.
      A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21 at 2:45 p.m. For public testimony to be included, the Legislature must receive it by 2:45 p.m. tomorrow. Go to capitol.hawaii.gov and reference GM718.
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AFTER PASSING BOTH STATE LEGISLATIVE BODIES, Ka`u Sen. Josh Green’s bill requiring health insurance companies to pay for autism treatment goes to a conference committee this week. “As far as health policy goes … this is the most important bill of the year,” Green told Maria Riker, of Civil Beat. He said thousands of children in Hawai`i with autism don’t get treatment.
      Green told Riker that unlike with previous bills regarding insurance coverage for autism, he worked with health insurance providers on the bill. “I don’t want to alienate anyone, I want everyone to work as partners,” Green said. He said most private insurance companies in the state are not opposed to providing coverage.
      In order for coverage to be provided, insurance premiums may increase by $28 per year by 2019, according to Civil Beat.
      SB 791 provides access to state Department of Health and Department of Education services, pharmacy services, psychological care and habilitative and therapeutic services.
      The Legislature accepts public testimony at capitol.hawaii.gov.
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Dan Ahuna
“WHEN WILL DECISION-MAKERS LEARN that this type of political gaming will no longer fly in today’s age of instant information accessibility?” Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee Dan Anuha asks in a Civil Beat commentary about the continuing controversy on building the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. “I applaud the young warriors for stepping up. I applaud them for their tenacity and perseverance, and am proud to support their efforts. 
      “This struggle also has another component. Balanced growth and development.
      “This generation has been raised reading and hearing about the adverse environmental impacts of unchecked growth of industry and development. They have a different set of priorities than the past couple generations — mainly, that the bottom-line benefit of such projects shall not be based solely on monetary profit, but that social and cultural margins must also be accounted for.
      “Thus, the emphasis is to focus on sustainable growth and investment in clean projects that minimize environmental and cultural impacts while maximizing social benefit.
      “There is lacking in this current project the social benefit element for Hawai`i. A few hundred temporary construction jobs and less than 150 permanent jobs, none of which are guaranteed to local residents, are not worth the impending uproar that this project will cause. 
      “Let us utilize this opportunity for engagement to re-examine our growth models and find creative ways to invest manpower, as well as finances, into industries that truly benefit our Hawai`i, that respect its people and culture and allows Hawai`i to be a world leader in sustainable growth.
      “Mauna a Wakea is a global spiritual icon that represents mana and pono, not only for kanaka maoli, but for all native indigenous peoples around the world.
      “The largest geological feature on our planet has become the focal point for all peoples to unite.”
      See civilbeat.com.
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HAWAI`I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK waives entry fees today to celebrate National Parks Week. Also, Kilauea Military Camp offers an open house where everyone can utilize any of its facilities and services to experience how KMC supports America’s troops.

Map from Ka`u CDP
KA`U DRAFT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN speak-outs continue today. Ka`u residents can view visual displays about the CDP, discuss strategies with people familiar with it and provide feedback at Pahala Community Center until 12 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Discovery Harbour Community Center. 
      According to the draft, the preferred settlement pattern in the planning area is based on a CDP Steering Committee-driven analysis of the region’s settlement patterns, build-out capacity relative to population projections, related General Plan policies and alternative future patterns for growth. That preferred pattern is to prioritize infill residential and commercial development in Pahala, Punalu`u, Na`alehu, Discovery Harbour and Ocean View.
      The plan calls for maximizing use of existing and planned infrastructure; limiting development on shorelines to protect ecological resources, archaeological sites, people and facilities from coastal hazards; preserving viable agricultural lands, open space and viewscapes by allowing only agriculture, ranching and related economic infrastructure and rural development in rural lands; preserving historic sites and buildings and encouraging construction of new buildings in character with Ka`u’s architectural distinctiveness and rural sense of place; and managing growth to protect people and facilities from lava hazards.
      Once the existing infill potential is largely met, existing settlements could be expanded in ways that maximize use of existing infrastructure and facilities and that create compact, walkable, mixed-use town/village centers.
Keoki Kahumoku returns to Pahala Plantation House to participate in the first event
of this yea's Ka`u Coffee Festival, the Pa`ina Open House. Photo by Julia Neal
      The plan is available for public review at local libraries and community centers and online at kaucdp.info.

AN INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBIT OPENS TODAY at Volcano Art Center's Niaulani campus. with seven artists. Opening reception is from 5 to 7 p.m. with a performance by dancer Shizuno Nasu and Rhiannon. Artists are Susumu Sakaguchi, Kenji Misawa, Ken Charon, Sonja Henrixson, Shingo Honda, Ryosaku Miyasaka and Stephen Freedman. The exhibit runs through May 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Sundays, except for today's opening at 5 p.m.

KA`U COFFEE FESTIVAL EVENTS begin Friday with a Pa`ina Open House Kickoff Celebration at Pahala Plantation House from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Enjoy Jr. Volcano Choy jazz and Keoki Kahumoku Hawaiian music and hula by reigning Miss Ka`u Coffee Amery Sliva. Meet Miss Ka`u Coffee contenders and donate to the scholarship fund. Co-sponsored by Ka`u Chamber of Commerce. Call 928-6471.
      Ka`u Coffee Recipe Contest begins at 2 p.m. Saturday at Ka`u Coffee Mill. Enjoy culinary treats using Ka`u Coffee as an ingredient. Free entry and tasting for the public plus live entertainment. To enter the recipe contest, see kaucoffeefest.com or call 928-0550.
      Miss Ka`u Coffee Pageant takes place a week from today at 6:30 p.m. at Pahala Community Center. Tickets are $10. Call Pageant Chair Gloria Camba at 928- 8558.


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