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Ka`u News Briefs Wednesday, June 8, 2015

National Park Service lead Na`alehu's Fourth of July Parade Saturday. Photo by Peter Anderson
GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS came to Ka`u last weekend for the Fourth of July Parade sponsored by `O Ka`u Kakou. The National Park Service, which has a large presence in Ka`u with its 117,000-acre Kahuku section rising from Ocean View above Na`alehu and Pahala to join the Volcano section, carried the flags to lead the march down Hwy 11 in Na`alehu. County Council member Maile David, East Ka`u Rep. Richard Onishi East Ka`u Sen. Russell Ruderman and West Ka`u Rep. Richard Creagan participated, along with many community groups, churches and businesses. 
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Joe Demourelle and Walter Wong Yuen display artifacts at Pahala Public
& School Library. Photo from Joe Demourelle
“LET’S START WITH YOUR NAME, age and how long you’ve been in Ka`u.” That’s how the interview begins for the Ka`u History Collection oral video project. The project is assisted by the video apprentice program of the Center for Hawaiian Music Studies. Kyle Pitcher and Eugene Watson are apprenticing under Joe Demoruelle, a volunteer of Friend’s of the Ka`u Libraries. 
      Historical news articles and photographs will also be saved in a digital format and available for viewing and copying. The collection, available to the public, is housed at Pahala Public and School Library.
      “By sharing their Ka`u lifestyle and history, kupuna in our community will leave a legacy for our communities that will carry on for generations and will be cherished by their loved ones,” Demoruelle said. A digital CD of donated photos from a person or group will be made and given to the donor at no charge.
      Walter Wong Yuen, the History Collection director, has set up displays in the library featuring donated objects from Ka`u. These include bottles, Pahala sugar mill articles, lava tools, etc. Memorabilia can be donated or given on loan.
      For more information, contact Walter Wong Yuen at Pahala Library.
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Forecasts show a tropical depression tracking
to the north of Hawai`i.
CENTRAL PACIFIC HURRICANE CENTER has revised its forecast regarding a tropical depression that it expected to become a cyclone. “The depression has failed to organize over the past several hours, most likely due to persistent southwesterly shear,” the most recent report states. “While the forecast continues to indicate some intensification in the short term, confidence in this solution is waning due to the cyclone’s inability to consolidate overnight.” 
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ORGANIZERS OF TMT PROTESTS consider rules proposed by state agencies to be directed toward their, what they consider to be protective, actions on Mauna Kea. The rules call for prohibiting “obvious camping paraphernalia” and limiting hours available to the public within one mile of the Mauna Kea Access Road.
      “They’re fishing for something to do, some way to get us off (the mountain) and allow TMT up,” Lanakila Mangauil, one of the organizers, told Chris D’Angelo, of Hawai`i Tribune-Herald. “It’s so obvious that the state is catering to a private project.”
      Mangauil also said he finds it ironic that the state is focusing on “alleged impacts of a small group of protesters when TMT is planning to construct a $1.4 billion 18-story telescope on the mountain’s summit.”  
      Kaho`okahi Kanuha, another organizer, said, “It surely seems like something that is a direct response to what we . . . have been doing on the mountain for the past 104 days,” “They are trying to make the protection efforts . . . more difficult.”
      See hawaiitribune-herald.com.
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Ka`u's state Sen. Russell Ruderman and Rep. Richard Creagan, carrying flag,
marched in Na`alehu's Fourth of July parade. Photo by Peter Anderson
ALLIANCE FOR SOLAR CHOICE has launched a statewide radio and TV campaign focused on raising awareness of the significant tax impacts of Hawaiian Electric Company's solar proposal. “HECO’s proposal, if adopted by the Public Utilities Commission, would cripple the growth of solar and put a costly tax burden on customers,” said Robert Harris, TASC spokesperson. 
      HECO recently proposed changes for new solar customers and issued press statements that TASC found misleading. Three separate tax opinions from local and national law firms establish that HECO’s proposal would expose customers to additional federal and state income taxes, potentially subject customers to the Hawai`i general excise tax and prevent customers from obtaining the 30 percent federal residential tax credit for new solar systems.
      “HECO is suggesting taxes that no other state has imposed,” Harris said. “If Hawai`i is serious about achieving 100 percent renewable energy, we can’t start by punishing people with high taxes simply because they’re doing the right thing for Hawai`i’s environment and economy. The cumulative impact of these proposals would take thousands of dollars out of solar customer’s pockets annually.
      “Moreover, Hawai`i customers shouldn’t be denied access to a generous federal tax credit. That’s leaving federal money for our clean energy future on the table.”
      The ads can be found at the HecoSunTax.com.
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Ka`u's County Council member Maile David celebrated in red, white and blue.
Photo by Peter Anderson
STRENGTHENING THE GOOD SAMARITAN LAW and establishing Farm to School programs are subjects of bills Gov. David Ige has signed into law. 
      SB 982 (Act 217) allows limited immunity for individuals who call 911 to prevent an alcohol or drug overdose from becoming fatal. It allows individuals to come to the assistance of another without fear that calling 911 would result in their subsequent arrest.
      “This will law will encourage bystanders who may otherwise hesitate to act. Overdose deaths are preventable, and this law will save lives,” Ige said.
      SB 376 (Act 218) establishes the Hawai`i farm to school program and funds a farm to school coordinator position. Farm to school programs introduce students to healthier eating habits and help them become familiar with new vegetables and fruits that they and their families will then be more willing to incorporate into their own diets. The farm to school coordinator will negotiate the complicated process of procuring local agricultural for schools.
      Ige said he has asked Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui to spearhead this initiative.
      “For a number of years, we’ve talked about the importance of Farm to School programs, and this bill signing takes the process a giant step forward,” Tsutsui said. “This program will ensure that our kids have nutritious meals as they learn about locally grown produce and cattle. This is a tremendous opportunity, and I look forward to working with the program coordinator, various state departments and agencies and the community to make sure we continue to move forward.”
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Ka`u's state Rep. Richard Onishi waves to supporters along Hwy 11.
Photo by Peter Anderson
SEN. MAZIE K. HIRONO WELCOMED Obama Cabinet members to Hawai`i on Monday. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald and Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez met with her at a Disabled Veterans Employment Roundtable at to discuss issues key to Hawai`i veterans. The two Obama administration cabinet members are visiting Hawai`i as part of their respective nationwide listening tours. 
      “VA Secretary McDonald and Labor Secretary Perez are sending a strong message throughout their visit in Hawai`i that the concerns and priorities of island veterans are important. Hawai`i’s veterans face unique challenges in accessing VA health care and other services on each island, and particularly in our rural areas,” Hirono said. “I appreciate Secretary McDonald and Secretary Perez taking the time to reach out and discuss pressing issues with veterans including homelessness, the transition to civilian life and creating a continuity of care for our veterans.
      “One in ten Hawai`i residents has served our country in the Armed Forces, and we owe it to them to provide the best resources possible when they complete their service."
      McDonald also met with Hirono, a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee and Sen. Brian Schatz to discuss improving access to VA health care benefits and putting an end to veteran homelessness.
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Services for Nelson Doi are Sunday.
SERVICES FOR NELSON DOI, a pioneer among Japanese Americans serving in government, are set for Sunday at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel’s Oceanside Lu`au Grounds at 4 p.m., with visitation at 3 p.m. He passes away May 6 at home in Kamuela at age 93. 
      A Big Island native, Doi was one of the authors of the State of Hawai`i Constitution. He served as lieutenant governor, a territorial and state senator and judge, a deputy county attorney for the County of Hawai`i and magistrate of the High Court of Republic of the Marshall Islands.
      Doi grew up in a family that founded T.W. Doi Store in Kawaihae. Doi advocated for statehood, education and prison reform. He retired to Kamuela and helped establish North Hawai`i Community Hospital.
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THE PUBLIC IS INVITED to Ka`u Scenic Byway Committee’s meeting tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Na`alehu Methodist Church.
      For more information, email richmorrow@alohabroadband.net.

KDEN PRESENTS THE KING AND I beginning Friday. Performances of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2:30 p.m. through July 26. Tickets are $14 general admission, $12 for seniors and students and $10 for children 12 and under. Available at Kilauea General Store, Kea`au Natural Foods, The Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo and at the door.
      Call 982-7344 or email kden73@aol.com.


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