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Ka`u News Briefs Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015

Ana Cariaga, left, with Edwina, Jessica and Molly Akana, manage a Hawaiian Kingdom voting booth at the Olson Trust
 Building today in Pahala. Photo by Julia Neal

NO SHOW AT THE HAWAI'I RANCHOS SOLAR MEETING last night by representatives of the solar project planned for Ranchos was the situation at the meeting in Ocean View. The gathering turned into an educational session and rally on how to stop the industrial solar installations from being placed within the neighborhood. State Rep. Richard Creagan told the group that he was proud of what they have done, how they "stepped up to the plate."
Ranchos residents are concerned that native trees
will be bulldozed for industrial solar farms.
Photo from phrc.us.
     The complex situation includes approvals already gained by solar project developers from the state Public Utilities Commission and approvals yet to be considered by the county and PUC, including one to allow high voltage lines into the neighborhood.
     Creagan said he, other legislators and Gov. David Ige are planning to look at revising laws that allow unintended consequences like industrial solar being installed in a residential setting. Laws allowing solar projects on land zoned ag didn't take into consideration that residential areas with ag zoning could be used to cobble together separate lots into an industrial project over numerous parcels, he explained.
     Creagan said the price of the electricity to be sold to Hawaii Electric Light Co. is too high, doesn't benefit ratepayers, and violates the spirit of the law to make electricity less expensive. The location at Ranchos is far away from the electrical load requirements of more populated areas. There is already more electricity than can be used, coming from the windmills at South Point, he noted. He said the project "could be seen as defrauding ratepayers and the people of Hawai'i. We are very hopeful that PUC will see that this is not in the public interest."
     Reasons for no show given by the representatives of those planning the project, according to attendees at the meeting, were missed plane and heavy rains on road from Kona.
    The organizers against HOVE industrial solar have set up a website Preserve Hawai'i's Rural Communities to deal with this and broader issues affecting ag neighborhoods. See phrc.us.
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HAWAIIAN KINGDOM VOTING took place at polling sites set up around the state today. In Ka`u voting by Hawaiians is at the Olson Trust Building in Pahala and at Ocean View across from the swap meet location near Malama Market, until  5  p.m.
     According to documents at the Pahala polling place, the 2015 National Elections are to select Noble and Representative Legislators of the Manakau Kanawai and a Prime Minister for the Lawful Hawaiian Government of the Hawaiian Islands. Organizers of the The Lawful Hawaiian Government state in their presentation that "On March 13th, 1999, at Punalu`u on the island of  O`ahu, Indigenous Aboriginal Kanaka Maoli elders from throughout the Hawaiian archipelago sat in an assembly representing the legislative offices of the Hawaiian Kingdom government.
     "In an exercise of their perfect human rights, their goal was to remanifest and reinstate their inherent sovereign Lawful Hawaiian government which had been suspended in an act of war and treaty violation by armed forces of the United Staes of America under the direction of a President Minister Plenipotentiary in the year 1893."     Those elected vow to work on sovereignty, land, human rights and health and welfare issues for Native Hawaiians.
      Up for election is one Prime Minister candidate named Henry Maile (write-ins are allowed). Candidates for Representatives for  District 7, which includes all of Ka`u, are Dwayne T. Kuilipule, Jansen J.K. Kuilipule,  Sam M Keli`iho`omalu, Jonas I. Solliday, Preston Alan Ku`ilipule and John Kalu`ulu.
New Book Bag nets a bag of books,
shown by treasurer DD Daivs, Pres.
Ann Fontes and VP Linda Morgan.
Photo by Julia Neal
     See more at www.thelawfulhawaiiangovernment.org.
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FRIENDS OF THE KA`U LIBRARIES have announced a way to grab a free bag of books through their fundraiser, selling their new book bags with new logo for $7 each.
     During the annual meeting this weekend, President Ann Fontes was reelected and other officers named. Sandra DeMoruelle is vice president, Linda Morgan is secretary and Doris DD Davis is treasurer. Directors are Trish Gerbo, Myra Jean Sumida, and Deborah Lynn Dickerson.
     The bag of books promotion raises money for the organization when book lovers buy the $7 book bag at Na`alehu Library or Pahala Library. Bring the book bag to one of the organization's events like Pahala Plantation Days on the grounds of Pahala Plantation House on Saturday Oct. 17 and fill the bag with free books.
    Another fundraiser is the Friends of the Library of Hawai`i's Links to Literacy Golf Ball Drop. See www.friendsofthelibraryofhawaii.org.
      A recent fundraiser came from the estate sale from the late Millicent May, of Discovery Harbour who supported Friends of Ka`u Libraries. A check was presented to Friends of Ka`u Libary at the annual meeting. Read comments, add your own, and like The Ka`u Calendar News Briefs on Facebook.

MILOLI'I OPELU PROJECT ORGANIZERS ARE OFFERING TO HOST Ka'u school children for field trips to Miloli`i and also will come to Ka`u schools. Sponsored by Pa`a Pono Miloli`i, this week, they taught school children at Miloli`i about the ʻōpelu, feeding, harvesting and
Pa`a Pono Miloli`i with Keala Figueroa. 
drying. Visiting were Kehau Springer and Kalaionamoku Luka Mossman of Conservation International as they demonstrated dissection, and gonad identification as well as fish tagging. Reservations for one day workshops and school presentations are available beginning Oct. 1. Email paaponoinc@gmail.com for registration and information forms. Also see Pa`a Pono Miloli`i on Facebook.
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PAHALA PLANTATION DAYS COMMITTEE met this week to plan the Saturday, Oct. 17 annual event with the 2015 theme For the Good Times. The next organizing meeting will be Sept. 23 at Pahala Community Center and Oct. 7 at Pahala Plantation House.
     Organizer and Ka'u Multicultural Society President Darlyne Vierra said Plantation Days, in its fifth year, begins with the the arrival of the sugar cane truck and pa'u parade of horses and riders bedecked in lei, colors and costumes representing each island.
     The parade starts at 9 a.m. at Pahala Community Center and will travel down Maile Street to Old Pahala Clubhouse, with emcee Clyde Silva. Derrick Andrade will drive a decorated sugar cane truck that hauled sugar from the fields to the mill in Pahala until the plantation closing in 1996. A mounted pa'u court with queen Lorilee Lorenzo will follow. Walkers and riders will include representatives of the many ethnic groups who built the agricultural community of Ka'u, which has evolved from sugar plantations to ranching, macadamia and coffee orchards and food and tea farms. Educational groups such as Friends of Ka'u Libraries and Ka'u Rural Health Community Association will participate, Community groups and those wanting to honor their family roots are invited to carry the colors of a Hawaiian Island. Call Liz Kuluwaimaka to join the parade at 339-0298.

A sugar truck from the days before the plantation closed in 1996,
will lead Ka`u Plantation Days Parade at 9 a.m. on Oct. 17.
Photo by Julia Neal
   Following the parade will be presentations, entertainment and food on the grounds of Pahala Plantation House. Na'alehu Hongwanji will offer its famous sushi. The history of ranching and dairy will be presented in the Plantation Carriage House. The contribution of the Japanese sugar communities whose sons fought in World War II will be presented by veterans now in their 90s. Food, educational, and arts and crafts booths are available. Call Yvonne Ke at 929-9834.
    For the first time, Samoan dancing and music will be featured, along with music from South Side Serenaders and other entertainers. Kumu Hula Debbie Ryder will open the entertainment with a chant and her halau will perform as will Hannah Makana hula dancers.
   Organizers are hoping to put together a traditional Social Box for public dancing and games like greased pole climbing, three legged races and tug of war, as well as native games presented by the Hawaiian Civic Club. Also helping will be O Ka`u Kakou. For more information, call Darlyne Vierra at 640-8740.

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See kaucalendar.com/KauCalendar_September2015.pdf.

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