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Ka`u News Briefs Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hawai`i National Guard Youth Challenge Academy volunteered to help with Volcano Rain Forest Runs this weekend.
The National Guard also sponsored a free concert Friday afternoon and evening at Punalu`u Beach Park, partnering
with Shaka's South Side Restaurant & Bar. They plan to make it an annual event. Photo by Julia Neal
HAWAI`I NATIONAL GUARD contributed to several events in Volcano and Ka`u this weekend. On Friday, the National Guard and Shaka’s South Side Restaurant & Bar teamed up for a successful free concert. Entertaining were Demetrius Oliveira with Keaiwa, Bruddah Waltah, Brandy Lorenzo and Boni Narito. Shaka’s owner Rory Koi said that thousands of dollars in sporting equipment, toys and other gifts went to kids, including basketballs, footballs, shirts, key chains and National Guard sports events cushions. “There was a full house at Punalu`u Beach Park Pavilion,” where the concert was held, Koi said.
The band Keaiwa, with Demetrius Oliviera,
played at the free event.
      National Guard Sgt. First Class Christian Stasvkow, who helped coordinate the event with Koi, said he and his team are excited to come to Ka`u. “The bigger communities like Hilo and Kona get all the cool things,” he said. He also noted that “we are not only a part of the military; we also protect the `aina when natural disasters strike in places like Ka`u. We look forward to more events in the smaller towns on the island.” He said he was “impressed with the attitude of Ka`u people from keiki to kupuna - everyone helping out.”
      Koi said he plans to partner with the National Guard to make Shaka’s Free Beach Concert an annual event. Next year, he said, he plans to invite nonprofit organizations to have booths to raise money for their operations.
Youth and kupuna received gifts including basketballs,
shirts and National Guard cushions.
Photos by Sgt. First Class Christian Stasvkow
      On Saturday, Hawai`i National Guard took part in the Volcano Rain Forest Runs through its Youth Challenge Academy, which volunteered. The Youth Challenge Academy will eventually move from Kulani, near Volcano, to Keaukaha Military Reserve. Earlier this month, the governor released $5.9 million for the relocation. Kulani will return to its former function as an adult correctional facility.
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OF THE 660 PARTICIPANTS WHO CROSSED the finish line at yesterday’s Volcano Rain Forest Runs, 100 were from Ka`u, Volcano and Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. Following is a list of those runners and their times.

From left, Major Albert Ne, Sgt. First Class Christian
Stasvkow, Sgt. Joshua Baumgarner, Staff Sgt. Benamin
Fontes and Sgt. First Class Gary Cabacongan helped
present Shaka's Free Beach Concert at Punalu`u.

Half marathon:
  • Billy Barnett; Volcano 1:18:03 
  • Noe Waller; Volcano 1:37:28 
  • Susanne Lyle; HVNP 1:48:18 
  • Jodie Schulten; Na`alehu 1:49:21 
  • Deen Tsukamoto; Na`alehu 1:51:52 
  • David Hoover; Volcano 2:22:04 
  • Sharlee Cotter; HVNP 2:23:17 
  • Rita Pregana; HVNP 2:39:01 
  • Eldridge Naboa; Na`alehu 3:07:44 
  • J.P. Swanson; Na`alehu 51:12 
  • Angie Miyashiro; Volcano 51:54 
  • Derick Medeiros-Garo; Na`alehu 51:56 
  • Kelly Kozar; Volcano 53:25 
  • Amy Okura; Volcano 53:58 
  • John Broward; HVNP 54:47 
  • Paul Udac; Na`alehu 57:59 
  • Erin Gallagher; HVNP 1:00:45 
  • Keala Lapera; Na`alehu 1:10:48 
  • Kris Scanlon; Volcano 2:08:33 
  • Robin Scanlon; Volcano 2:08:35
Pahala Aikido instructor Alan Moores and his son, Kyle Pitcher,
ran the 5K together. Photo by Julia Neal
  • Todd Marohnic; Volcano 19:51 
  • William McMahon; Volcano 20:35 
  • Stewart Miyashiro; Volcano 22:04 
  • Gabriela Benito; Volcano 23:33 
  • Reyna Joy Javar; Na`alehu 25:11 
  • Haven Fisher; Volcano 25:14 
  • Kai Mcguire; Na`alehu 25:57 
  • Megan Denny; Pahala 26:01 
  • Alex Wood; Volcano 26:08 
  • Ella Johnson; Volcano 26:28 
  • Halai Lapera; Na`alehu 26:54 
  • Toby Johnson; Volcano 28:08 
  • Kyle Pitcher; Pahala 28:49 
  • Alan Moores; Pahala 28:51 
  • Parker Smith; Volcano 28:54 
  • Kalani Scheffler; Volcano 29:49 
  • John Poetzel; Ocean View 32:29 
  • Timothy Scheffler; Volcano 32:54 
  • Susan Raikow; Volcano 33:25 
  • Robin Stratton; Ocean View 33:57 
  • Christine Grundy; Volcano 34:26 
    Ka`u High teacher Angie Miyashiro participated in the 10K.
    Photo by Julia Neal
  • Carlos Masuko; Volcano 34:29 
  • Donna Ohora; Volcano 34:31 
  • John Roddy; Na`alehu 35:01 
  • Justin Denny; Pahala 35:16 
  • Godfrey Galigo; Na`alehu 35:26 
  • Janelle Eyer; Volcano 35:38 
  • Maiki Cofer; Ocean View 36:00 
  • Justin Denny; Pahala 36:34 
  • Macy Orr; Volcano 36:49 
  • Kekai Scheffler; Volcano 37:23 
  • Pamela Scheffler; Volcano 37:25 
  • Paula Tailon; Na`alehu 38:56 
  • Michelle Takaki; Volcano 40:10 
  • Amicheli Salyer ;Volcano 40:13 
  • Ryli Roy Pahala; 40:30 
  • Molly Denny; Pahala 40:31 
  • Jerrid Eyer; Volcano 41:02 
  • Naida Paglinawan; Pahala 41:16 
  • Gwen Udac; Na`alehu 42:12 
  • Denise Garcia; Na`alehu 43:07 
  • Jaime Roddy; Na`alehu 43:08 
  • Pamela Ako; Ocean View 43:54 
  • Shaun Pankoski; Volcano 44:22 
  • Heather Cole; Volcano 44:52 
  • Lisa Edwards; Pahala 45:35 
  • Sage Doreste; Volcano 45:45 
  • Madalyn McWhite-Lamson; Ocean View 46:16 
  • Gennifer Medeiros-Shibuya; Na`alehu 48:35 
  • Shantel Alcoran; Pahala 50:24 
  • Uju Udac; Ocean View 50:59 
  • Donna Tsukamoto; Na`alehu 51:00 
  • Sarah Huddy; Volcano 51:46 
    Miss Ka`u Coffee Tiare-Lee Shibuya with race organizer Sharron Faff.
    Photo by Julia Neal
  • Meghan Haiku; Volcano 51:48 
  • Nancy Chaney; Volcano 52:37 
  • Heidi Masuko; Volcano 52:41 
  • Kaolapa Masuko; Volcano 52:41 
  • Karla Mcdermid-Smith; Volcano 52:49 
  • Joe Garlich; HVNP 53:06 
  • Dawn Garlich; HVNP 53:09 
  • Bryan Everett; Volcano 54:10 
  • Meghan Jerolaman; Volcano 54:14 
  • Anne Farahi; Volcano 54:18 
  • Lynn Melena; Volcano 54:38 
  • Jim Melena; Volcano 54:40 
  • Christine Woods; Ocean View 54:44 
  • Kyla Roy; Pahala 55:12 
  • Khaira Denny; Pahala 55:14 
  • Liane Garrett; HVNP 57:07 
  • Bev Garrett; HVNP 57:08 
  • Patrick Garrett; Volcano 57:10 
  • P. Montague-Mullins; Volcano 58:34 
  • Suzy Kruppa; Volcano 59:49 
  • Liam Fien; Volcano 1:00:39 
  • Finn Cole; Volcano 1:07:17 
  • Colleen Cole; Volcano 1:07:20 
  • Robert Smith; Volcano 1:09:54 
  • Jennifer Doreste-Lock; Volcano 1:10:24 
  • Mack Doreste; Volcano 1:10:30 
  • Celeste Sweezey; Volcano 1:14:00
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Leina`ala Enos' nomination by Mayor Billy Kenoi to the county Liquor
Commission goes before the County Council Wednesday.
HAWAI`I COUNTY COUNCIL HOLDS COMMITTEE MEETINGS Tuesday, and the full Council meets Wednesday at 9 a.m. at West Hawai`i Civic Center in Kona. 
      Committee on Public Safety and Mass Transit considers Mayor Billy Kenoi’s nomination of Ka`u resident Leina`ala Enos to the county Liquor Commission. Enos is currently chair of the Ka`u Community Development Plan Steering Committee. 
      The meeting begins at 10 a.m. Tuesday.
      On the County Council meeting agenda are several items that the County requests that the Hawai`i State Association of Counties include in its 2014 legislative package:
  • a bill for the Legislature of the state of Hawai`i to increase the amount of the counties’ share of the transient accommodation tax; 
  • a bill appropriating $900,000 to Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems for personnel and operational costs and the purchase of equipment, materials, and services in fiscal year 2014-2015; 
  • a bill appropriating $38 million for the construction of a permanent facility for the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building Phase I project; 
  • a bill appropriating $2. million, or funds as may be necessary, for a primary care training program at University of Hawai`i – Hilo; 
  • a bill relating to county authority concerning agricultural matters; 
  • a proposal to implement a high stakes bingo pilot program; and 
  • House Bill 358, HD1, SD1, which would increase resident participation in the legislative process by requiring both chambers of the Hawai`i State Legislature to implement rules to provide audio or audiovisual technology for live oral testimony during legislative hearings. 
      Ka`u residents can participate in the meeting from Ocean View Community Association Center via videoconferencing.

DIANA AKI, THE SONGBIRD OF MILOLI`I, returns to Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park with her band for an evening of Hawaiian music Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. This Na Hoku Hanohano award-winning falsetto singer and `ukulele player is beloved by fans worldwide, and she regales audiences with her songs and storytelling. The free program is part of the park’s ongoing Na Leo Manu: Heavenly Voices presentations.

Park Ranger Dean Gallagher presents Life on the Edge, a 20-minute talk
about the current eruption at Halema`uma`u. Photo from NPS
HAWAI`I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK CELEBRATES the National Park Service’s 97th birthday next Sunday. On Founder’s Day, and entrance to Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, as well as all 401 national parks in America, is free. 
      Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park has more than 150 miles of hiking trails and 520 square miles that stretch from sea level to the 13,677-foot summit of Mauna Loa. A schedule of free ranger-led programs and guided hikes is posted daily outside Kilauea Visitor Center by 9:30 a.m. Visitors can enjoy programs including Explore the Summit, a one-hour walk from Kilauea Visitor Center to the edge of Kilauea caldera, and Life on the Edge, a 20-minute talk about the current eruption from Halema`uma`u Crater given daily at Jaggar Museum overlook.
      More free-entry days are schedule Sept. 28, National Public Lands Day, the largest single-day volunteer effort for public lands in the United States; and Nov. 9 - 11, Veterans Day weekend.





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