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Ka`u News Briefs Monday, August 19, 2013

The Mizuno girls are Ka`u High alumni, Sally Mizuno Yamaguchi from the Class of '43 and Jane Mizuno Ueda
from the Class of '45. Photo by Julia Neal
HUNDREDS OF KA`U HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI converged on Pahala yesterday for the annual community luncheon and celebration of the school’s history and community service. Classmates who attended school in Pahala back in the 1940s dined with newer alumni. They were entertained by Hula Halau Mahealani and the music of Lei Kaapana, Ernie Kalani, Johnny Waller and Peter Anderson.
Carol Andrade and Priscilla Obado, Class of '59 members
of the alumni committee, talk to public radio
about their mission. Photo by Julia Neal
James Yamaki, Class of '58, chairs
the annual community luncheon
sponsored by Ka`u High Alumni
Reunion. Photo by Julia Neal
Terrie Louis, Noel Espejo, Elijah Navarro and Dean Valledor also entertained. The oldest alumni were honored, including the Mizuno sisters, and historic photos from the town were displayed. Many alumni stayed for the weekend in Pahala with parties at homes throughout town. The alumni group donates money to good causes associates with the school. Alumni also meet in Las Vegas each year. 
      One alumnus, Rufino Gala, who graduated from Ka`u in the 1960s, was called to the microphone for his heroism. On the mainland, “he took a bullet for a child” when he stood in front of a keiki during a shooting that went through the windshield of a bus he was driving, proclaimed Ernest Kalani.
      Also speaking was Ka`u High football coach Kainoa Ke and several team members, explaining the new eight-man football season at Ka`u High. Alumni contributed to the football fund to help pay for travel to Moloka`i for the Trojans to play the Farmers.
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Tala`i Ke, Dalton Hannas, Coach Kainoa Ke, Anthony Emmsley, Cy Tamura and Chance Emmsley asked Ka`u High
alumni for help with eight-man football. Photo by Julia Neal
SEABURY HALL from Maui is the second off-island school in the state to sign up to play Ka`u High school in eight-man football and will come to Pahala for the game. The Trojans, with six games scheduled, are leading the effort to establish eight-man football on this island. It is a faster, higher scoring game than traditional 11-man football. Maui and Moloka`i already play eight-man football, and Ka`u is scheduled to play the Moloka`i Farmers on Oct. 5.
Former Ka`u football coach Earl Crozier gave a donation for
the eight-man football team, on which Kaweni Ibarra plays.
Photo by Julia Neal
      The Trojans were out raising money this weekend for the travel to Moloka`i and set up a table and spoke at the Ka`u High School annual reunion luncheon at Pahala Community Center. The team took in $400 in donations from alumni. The team is also raising money through food booths at a series of softball games at Na`alehu Park this evening, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well as Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kahua Ranch donated beef for the fundraiser. 
      The six games scheduled for Trojan eight-man football this fall include play against Kamehameha, Kealakehe, Seabury and Moloka`i. Next year, other Hawai`i Island teams are expected to join and could include Pahoa, Kohala and some of the smaller private schools.
      To donate to the Trojan team, call athletic director Kalei Namohala at 928-2012.
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KA`U’S COUNTY COUNCIL MEMBER BRENDA FORD has drafted a bill prohibiting genetically modified organisms on the Big Island. Unlike a bill introduced by Kohala Council member Margaret Wille and recently withdrawn, Ford’s bill has no exemption for Rainbow papaya, which was genetically modified in the 1990s to ward off ringspot virus. Ford’s bill calls for any cultivation, development or use of GMOs to end no later than 30 months after it goes into effect, with fines of up to $1,000 per day.
Richard Ha
      Sophie Cocke, of Civil Beat, reports that some local farmers and other supporters of GMO crops are already protesting the bill. Hamakua Springs Country Farms owner Richard Ha told her the bill would drive up food costs and undermine Hawai`i’s goal of increasing local food production. “In general, they have no long-term plan, and neither one of them have talked to the farmers,” Ha said. “So they really don’t know what they don’t know.”
      Ha expressed concern for farmers: “What are the folks that have loans and stuff – what are they going to do? It’s really scary.”
      Dennis Gonsalves, who led the team of scientists who worked to genetically modify the papaya, told Cocke that he was saddened by the bill and the impact it would have on local farmers. “They don’t care who they harm and what they harm,” he said.
      Ford’s bill says its purpose is to:
“Protect human, animal, and plant life, and the land, water, and air on or under, in or over the Island of Hawai`i, including the ocean with its marine life that surrounds the Island of Hawai`i, from the adverse effects of biotechnical modification of any organism’s genome;
Maintain the Island of Hawai`i as a heritage seed bank and gene bank to preserve the biodiversity of plants, animals, and other organisms in case reserves of such organisms are destroyed elsewhere, and
Safeguard honeybees, which pollinate at least thirty percent of our food crops, from pesticides placed in some organisms through the use of genetic modification thereby threatening that portion of our food supply pollinated by honeybees.”
Dennis Gonsalves
      The only exemption in Ford’s bill is for GMO research, but it requires that any research be conducted in “biosafety level three contamination” facilities. According to Gonsalves, this would essentially shut down GMO research because no such facilities exist on the Big Island.
      When Wille withdrew her bill, she said she would introduce a newer version with exemptions for papaya and transgenic crops grown in enclosed structures.
      See more at civilbeat.com.
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LIFEGUARDS AT PUNALU`U – the only place with lifeguards in Ka`u – are scanning waters for sharks with extra intensity following an attack at Pohoiki on Sunday and sightings that have Hapuna Beach on the Kohala Coast closed this morning. On Maui, a snorkeler lost her right arm to a shark last week.
      Officials urge people not to enter the ocean alone, especially early or late in the day when sharks may be feeding near shore.
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KA`U RESIDENTS CAN PARTICIPATE IN THIS WEEK’S county government meetings via videoconferencing at Ocean View Community Association Center. County Council committees meet tomorrow, and the full Council meets Wednesday. All meetings take place at West Hawai`i Civic Center in Kona. Agendas and times are available at hawaiicounty.gov.

Diana Aki NPS Photo by Jay Robinson
STEWARDSHIP IN THE PARK takes place Wednesday, when volunteers help Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park by cutting invasive kahili ginger on park trails from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Loppers and gloves are provided. Participants are encouraged to wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and closed-toed shoes. Water, snacks, rain gear and sun protection are recommended. This project is open to the public, and no reservations are required. Directions are available at Kilauea Visitor Center Wednesday.

DIANA AKI, THE SONGBIRD OF MILOLI`I, performs at Kilauea Visitor Center Auditorium in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park with her band Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. The free program is part of the park’s ongoing Na Leo Manu: Heavenly Voices presentations. Park entrance fees apply. 

KA`U AGRICULTURAL WATER COOPERATIVE DISTRICT meets at Royal Hawaiian Orchards Macadamia Field Office in Pahala on Thursday at 4 p.m. For more information, call Jeff McCall at 928-6456.





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